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Voice blogging has been around a long time, but celebrities using such services in India is something new. Bubble motion which is famous for voice blogging service, launched a social voice iPhone app call Bubble motion.  Bubbly for iPhone brings all the great features of the Bubbly app to one of the best smartphones around.

At a Press Event today, the CEO of Bubble Motion, Tom Clayton, announced that the Bubbly voice and social app for the iPhone will be available in the Indian apple App Store starting today. This app is targeted at those people who own an iPhone and want to post short voice updates for their friends and others to listen. You can follow your friends and even send them text messages. So, how is this different from Whatsapp, Kik, iMessages etc? Firstly, you can upload voice updates for free and secondly, you can follow your favorite Bollywood movie star via this app.

Yes, that’s right! Want to listen to John Abraham, Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and many others speak their heart out about work, life etc? With Bubbly app,  you can do all that! Here’s a short review of the app.

Bubbly Social Voice iPhone app:

Social Voice App : Bubbly

After you download Bubbly app from the App Store, you’ll have to create an account and Log in. The process is super fast and took me about 4 seconds to complete it. Once your account is created, you can choose to connect with Facebook and Twitter to find friends who’re already using the app. The next step involves discovering people and following them.

Bubbly app john abraham

Bubbly app is similar to Twitter, where you have to follow the person whose updates you want to hear. The app is very simple to use. To post a voice update, tap on the circular + button at the bottom and start recording. Only 90 seconds of audio can be recorded, which as the CEO explained would otherwise cause intense strain on the servers and be very expensive. Following a Bollywood celebrity is easy, just tap on the Discover button and you’ll be on your way.

Bubbly iPhone App

Bubbly app discover

For the first 30 days you can listen to all your favorite Bollywood celebrities talk about things for free, but after that time period you will have to pay $2.99 for the subscription. This is a one time fee that will be charged and there on-wards you can listen to any celebrity for free. Also, Tom also told us that an Android version of the app is also in development and should be out by the end of March.

You can download Bubbly social voice app for free from the App Store. Try it out and tell us if you liked it. I found the voice quality of the app to be very good and was impressed with the huge list of celebrities that are already using this app.

Download Bubbly Voice and Social app ( iTunes Link ) | Bubble motion official site

Here is video demo of Bubbly iPhone app:

Here is a video in which Bubble motion marketing officer “Brett Bouchard“, explains more about this social voice app:

Social networking era is changing and in recent time we have seen services like Pinterest growing from nowhere to something big. And a social voice app like Bubbly, which is available for SmartPhone can may give a new revolution to micro-Blogging and social networking. Have you tried Bubbly for iPhone? How was your experience and which all Bollywood stars you are following using this app?

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