Browse the Web Securely in Firefox with Cocoon [Extension]

cocoon-1Online security is one of the most important things for users browsing the web. This is because when we browse, many websites leave cookies in order to serve targeted advertisements. Those cookies can easily infect the computers with viruses and malwares, and may access our computers without our knowledge. To protect users from this, we came across an excellent addon for Firefox, Cocoon.

Cocoon is a useful security addon for Mozilla Firefox which helps users browse the web securely and protects your privacy. Installing Cocoon is simple and easy, all you have to do is sign up for an account and you will receive the download link in your inbox. Open the link, create an account on Cocoon and install the extension. After the extension is installed, a new toolbar will appear in Mozilla Firefox where you can login to your Cocoon account and manage different settings.


The extension protects your privacy by blocking websites from collecting data from your browser. When you browse after logging in to your Cocoon account, the websites collects data from Cocoon’s computers rather than your own PC. Apart from that, users can easily create multiple email addresses using Cocoon to protect them from spam. You can easily manage those created accounts and delete them easily if you are not using them. One thing which I like about Cocoon is its portability. You can easily access your browsing history on any computer by logging in to you Cocoon account. All you browser settings are saved online so that it can be accessed anywhere you go.


If you are a Firefox user and really care about the websites you browse, you should give Cocoon a try.

Download Cocoon for Mozilla Firefox

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