BlackBerry Comparison: Bold 3 9780 Vs. 9700

We just laid our hands upon the newly released BlackBerry Bold 3 9780 and decided to see how different is it from our last BlackBerry. Read on for complete list of differences between Bold 9780 and 9700.

Form wise, not much has changed. In case you missed our Bold 9700 unboxing, check it out here. Now proceeding with the comparison.


BlackBerry Bold 9780 vs. 9700:

Form Factor & Screen

The dimensions of the phone haven’t changed at all. The screen is the same 2.44″ TFT display.

Processor & RAM Memory

BlackBerry hasn’t changed the processor since a long time now so it doesn’t come as a surprise when we see the same 624 Mhz processor again. The RAM thankfully has been upgraded. Our old 9700 had 256MB of RAM. The new Bold 9780 features twice the RAM with 512MB of memory. This should really improve overall operation speeds and multitasking abilities.

Also note that the microSD memory card’s maximum capacity has been raised from 16GB on previous model to 32GB on 9780.


The Camera resolution has been upped from 3.2 mega pixels on 9700 to 5MP on the new Bold model. Like earlier, the camera has Auto focus & LED Flash.


Here comes the major difference. 9780 is the first BlackBerry Bold to feature the new BlackBerry 6 OS. While it won’t be able to benefit from the multitouch features due to the lack of a touch screen, the Bold 9780 will get new homescreen, icons and other features like the Webkit browser.

The browser is pretty good this time with tabbed browsing among many other new features. The browser actually scores more on the HTML5 tests than the iPhone but that’s just facts and figures. We would have to spend some more time with it to figure if it’s practically better too in day to day usage.

The rest of the features remain just the same. Here’s everything else that has not changed.

  • Wi-fi b/g only – no wi-fi yet
  • Battery – same 1500 MAh unit


The original MRP of the new model is 27990 INR. Current price of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is Rs. 25999 in most stores. The old Bold 9700 model can be purchased for Rs. 23999 at this time.

So now the question remaining is whether its worth upgrading at this point of time. Personally, I’ll wait and review the new OS first before making the decision. We’ll be back soon with the BlackBerry 6 OS review so keep subscribed.

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  • Jagan Mangat January 18, 2011, 9:35 pm

    Camera upgrades,OS upgrades and RAM upgrades may improve the user experience and fun.

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