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Bird Bar: Use Notification Tray in Fullscreen Apps [Android]

Bird Bar: Use Notification Tray in Fullscreen Apps [Android]

If you’re an Android user then you must be familiar with the annoying problem of not being able to pull down the notification tray in Fullscreen apps. Mostly, this situation arrives when playing games and watching movies or videos. You cannot pull down the notification tray when in a fullscreen app, well most of them, and that is annoying when you receive a notification and the only way to check it is to quit the application. It gets even more annoying when you find out that the notification was just something unimportant.

If you’re part of millions of others who are annoyed by this, then there is a very easy solution to your problem.It’s an app called as Bird Bar notifications tool. Bird Bar adds a invisible/visible toolbar, which pops up when you swipe from any edge/side of your screen in full screen apps and lets you check your notifications. A very useful application for your Android device that will certainly help you to check on your notifications without having to quit your current running app.

Pretty simple to use too. There are two presets that come with the app, the first one is the invisible mode that lets you swipe any corner/side of your phone to reveal the notifications tray. The second shows a rectangular Notification bar on the top of your screen and can be accessed by swiping down or from the top edges. You can do all this while you’re in the game or movie, without the need to pause them.

Bird Bar Notifications Tool is available both as a free and paid app, with the paid app having few extra features such as adjustable notification toolbar, the ability to use a certain corner to make the tray appear and sensitivity options. The best part, there are no ads in the free version.

You can download Bird Bar from the Android Market for Free or purchase the Paid version for $1.99.

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