Beware! Android App May Collect Your Personal Data

This is really sad news for all Android lovers. People like Android because of its lots of free and exciting applications. But according to Lookout, a US based security firm, it is revealed that more than 80 Google Android wallpaper applications are collecting your personal data and sending across a third party on remote servers.


The personal data includes mobile phone numbers, unique subscriber’s numbers, unencrypted data, currently added voicemail  number and many more. One of such application is Jackeey Wallpaper app which includes Stars Wars, My Little Pony and few more, which already had millions of downloads. This application used to collect personal information and send it to a website in China. Yet there are no signs that this data has been used for malicious purpose.

Google said that they have suspended this application but I think that Google need to be more careful now when it comes to privacy factors of Android users. What is your insight about leaking of private information from Android applications? Do share with us.

Via : Telegraph

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