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Best Buy Sale: 15% Discount + Free Shipping on Apple iTunes Gift Cards

Best Buy Sale: 15% Discount + Free Shipping on Apple iTunes Gift Cards

Best Buy is currently offering a flat 15% discount on Apple iTunes Gift Cards. Not only will you get a discounted gift card but free shipping too any where in the US. This is the best iTunes Gift Card discount offer we have ever seen. The gift cards can be used to buy any content from iTunes Store like music, apps, videos, books etc.

Best Buy has recently been offering a lot of discounts for the Apple users. Remember, the Best Buy Mac Sale last month?

Bestbuy itunes gift card discount 3

The 15% discount is valid on all iTunes gift cards of value between $15 to $100. So, a $15 iTunes Gift Card will cost you $12.75 after discount. Similarly, $30 gift card costs $25.50 and $100 gift card costs $85.

Bestbuy itunes gift card discount 2Bestbuy itunes gift card discount 1

If you regularly purchase content from the iTunes store like iPhone apps, then it might be a good idea to get a gift card in advance for yourself and for your family. That way, you’ll be able to purchase 100 $1 apps from the App Store at only $85.

To check out the different gift cards and to purchase them go to the Best Buy Sale page here.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards after purchase?

We have already shared a tutorial earlier explaining how to redeem iTunes Gift Cards and Promo Codes in iTunes to purchase apps, music or other content. So you won’t have any trouble using these once they ship.

Do you stay outside US?

The iTunes Gift Cards available in Best Buy Sale can only be used in the iTunes US Store. If you have purchased Apple Gift Certificates you might already know that they can be redeemed only in the country whose store they were created from.

Also, you will not be getting the cards online via email. Best Buy will be shipping each Gift Card via post to a US address. However, if you are living outside US don’t get upset. You can still avail the iTunes gift card discount as long as you can ship these to a friend’s address in the US.

Once you have the Gift Card number, you can create a free iTunes account in the US store using our tutorial and then redeem them.

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  • koi July 8, 2011, 7:22 am

    Am I missing something? You guys have the Itunes Gft Cards for 15% off… has that expired…as I have gone to the site BUT I don’t get the discount when I am @ the cart. helppp..I am knew to the iphone & not computer literate.
    Best Buy Sale: 15% Discount + Free Shipping on Apple iTunes Gift Cards
    by Rajat on June 6, 2011

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