Bean:A Free Word Processor for Mac OS X

If you are looking for a free Word Processor for Mac then Bean is one Word software which I would recommend you to use. Bean is a user-friendly Word Processor for Mac OS X. It is the best free alternative to MS Word Doc which I yet came across.
Bean provides you all useful features which you get in MS Word and formatting text, images is equally easy. Here are few useful features of Bean Word Processor:

  • Inspector panel to edit, format, color, margin etc to enhance your text and images.
  • Auto-save option, which will help you to save document even if you close it my mistake.
  • A Live word count.
  • Spelling checker.
  • Info panel for in-depth statistics.
  • Zoom-slider to change the view scale.
  • Different layout mode.
  • Date-stamped backups.
  • It also provides the options to show invisible characters like returns, spaces etc.
  • Easy to insert images.
  • Supports headers and footers.
  • Supports file formats like .doc, .docx (Word 2007), .odt format, .xml format. These can be exported in formats like .html, .rtf,.pdf, .doc.

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Check out the screenshots of Bean Word Processor:

Bean Word processor




Link to Download Bean Word Processor
Bean is a good, free and clutter-free word processor, worth giving a try. If you are a Mac user then give it a try and do share your views with us.

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  • Franssales February 2, 2011, 1:20 am

    Also the next version of the program may be worth waiting, because it may include tabbed documents. If it gets them, it is the only Mac word processor having them, which would be good news for us who need to have several documents open.

  • Peter Cento February 24, 2011, 5:20 am

    notify via-e-mail

  • Franssales March 22, 2011, 6:52 pm

    (I have no link to your email)

    Bean 2.9.4 beta is out. Tabbed document interface is there. The interface feels good and the small footprint makes an older Mac run like a young gazelle.

    The author tells us to expect hangs and unstability with the beta. However, I am using it in my work and haven’t run into any unstable situations. Nice work – 3.0 will be worth it.

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