BBM Voice : Free Voice Call From BlackBerry To BlackBerry

BBM Voice : Free Voice Call From BlackBerry To BlackBerry

I’m not a Blackberry loyalist but I always loved the BBM feature. Probably this is one of the first OS based messaging client which laid the foundation of iMessage and Chaton. Apple went one step ahead with features like Facetime which will help you to make free video calls from one iOS to another iOS users. Now, here is a good (Err.. Great) news for BBM users.

BBM voice call

Blackberry released BBM version 7 which integrate a new feature BBM voice Call. As name suggests, BBM voice will let you make free voice calls to another BBM users when you are connected to Wi-fi. Most of the Blackberry users I know, are constantly connected with BBM messenger and now with BBM voice they can make free Voice calls.

Here are some of the features of BBM voice in Version 7:

  • You can simultaneously make voice call and text with other BBM users
  • When a user is available for voice call on BBM, you will see an indictor.
  • Users can reject the call by texting back.
  • You need to be connected to Wi-fi to make free BBM voice calls

Along with this, BBM version 7 integrates user ID with their Blackberry ID, so that users can backup important data like Chats, contacts, Groups and so on. For now it’s not clear if BBM version 7 will be available in upcoming Blackberry 10.

You can learn more about BBM in official page here and check out the BBM voice images on Theverge.

RIM is too late to integrate this feature but I’m sure existing Blackberry users will love this feature. For now, there is no indication if BBM voice will work with blackberry data plans or not, as it may affect existing carrier revenue via paid voice calls. The way iOS and android is covering the market, a feature like this will be really helpful for RIM to retain their current customer base and add few more.

Since BBM service is one of the most reliable messaging service and an integrated voice call service will help users to cut down cost on long VOIP calls. Specially corporates in Indian (Where Blackberry is mostly used), if used wisely, it will help to reduce down the cost on long distance calls and also make the communications faster.

Blackberry users, do let me know your take on BBM voice ? Do you think this service is going to be very useful or you going to stick with BBM text for now?


Article by Harsh Agrawal

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  • Lawrence Garvin

    November 16, 2012, 10:31 pm

    So, this is a really cool feature…. but name me one Blackberry *device* that has a forward-facing camera to take advantage of this feature?

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