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Banned White iPhone 4 Promo and Other Spoof Videos

Banned White iPhone 4 Promo and Other Spoof Videos

A group which calls itself jLe Productions has been making some really funny parody videos of Apple and its new products like iPad and iPhone 4. The videos are very funny and cynical and contain NSFW material. Their latest video talks about delayed white iPhone 4. We have also included older videos from jLe for you to watch.

Here are a few funny lines from the above video:
“If you waited for white iPhone, you’re an idiot. You’re a stupid human being who has waited 5 months for a phone that’s a different color. That you’re just gonna put a cover on anyway. So you’re a fool. In fact, why don’t you go get an EVO or something? Or a Droid. 2.”

Other Spoof videos from jLe:

Out of the other three videos one talks about the antennagate issue and remaining two are parodies to iPhone 4 and iPad commercials.

Let us know how you like these videos and also which are your favorite characters from this funny parody series. I really liked Johnny Five and also the black guy.

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