Automatically Zoom Pictures On Facebook While Hovering Using Facebook Photo Zoom

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Facebook among other things is one of the largest photo sharing site. It is therefore obvious that we spend a lot of time on Facebook in watching photos shared by people in our social circle.Facebook has not really worked on enhancing the user experience when it comes to viewing photos. To browse photos in an album you need to click every time or press the arrow keys.  We had recently shared a  Lightbox feature for viewing Facebook photos but that feature is apparently not rolled out for all the users. So, how can one enhance the photo viewing experience on Facebook which helps you view larger version of images easily

If you use Google Chrome as your preferred browser, we have just a solution for you

Facebook Photo Zoom Extension For Google Chrome

Facebook Photo Zoom is a very simple lightweight google chrome extension that integrates automatically with your Facebook. After installing the extension, anytime you login to your Facebook account and hover over an image, the image is zoomed out for you. It does not get any simpler than that. You do not have to click anywhere to see the enlarged images in the photo album. The extension does it for you and also provides easily customizable options for you.

How to install Facebook Photo Zoom Extension?

  • Open Google Chrome browser and Click Here
  • Once you click on ‘Install’, you will be prompted with a screen asking you to confirm the installation. Those who are extra careful of their privacy settings might think before installing the extension since the extension apparently requires access to your Facebook dataFacebook_Photo_Zoom
  • The extension will install and a small menu item gets created in the Chrome below the Customize Google Chrome bar as shown. This allows you to customize the zoom settings based on the extent of zoom that you require


You are all set to see the beauty of Facebook zoom in action. Here is how the Facebook Photo zoom works as soon you hover on any images on your Facebook wall or in the photo albums

Facebook Photo Zoom In Action

  • Switching the zoom off is also very easy. The extension creates a small icon just next to the ‘Chat’ notification bar you get after logging into Facebook.One click and you can enable-disable the zoom feature. The installation link shared above also provides some nifty keyboard shortcuts to play around with the settings of the extension

Need I say more. This is one of the simplest extension I have found to simplify the photo viewing experience. The best part about the extension is that integrates seamlessly and the response time to zoom the image is very small.So, as soon you hover on an image you instantly get to see the enlarged version of the image.Give the extension a try and let us know

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