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3 Best Password Managers for Ubuntu

Every one in this world would want to keep things secured. Securing and protecting files, documents, data, etc are becoming mandatory in day today’s life. Being genuine with anything related to machines or software’s would be keeping passwords secured. There are so many passwords which user puts into. But alas, sometimes they don’t remember such of them because of alternatives and white spaces such being added or even managing the [...]

4 Golden Tips to naming a Business Brand

Naming of business is the first and foremost thing is done, whether you start small or big firm. Naming of firm means a lot and finalizing name is a big thing. A good name plays a huge role even in customer's mind so that your company becomes popular. A good brand name plays an important role in running the business for long time. In easy terms when you think of [...]

3 Best Alternatives to Linux Default Web browsing

This is a guest post by Sameer. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Adsense revenue program. The default web browsing in Linux is Mozilla Forefox. Mozilla Firefox is a reliable web browser consisting of many addon and extensions. Many a times people may also feel that they need some more web browser in order to successfully complete their work faster. There comes the need of other [...]