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Asus Padfone: Experience Tablet And Phone Together

Asus Padfone: Experience Tablet And Phone Together

At Computex Taipei, Asus unveiled a new device called padfone which is a combination of a smartphone and a tablet. It is the first kind of a gadget that uses one SIM for both the phone and the tablet. Asus still had not released the full details on the specifications of the device.

However it seems to me that the product will be very exciting as its some of the features are very new to the digital world. Today mobile phones have lot more processing power compared to previous generations.

ASUS Padfone Back

Design Philosophy Of Asus

Asus padfone believes in people centric design. Asus brought N + 1 concept to the life where N means the current product that is there and N + 1 means to add on the single change that allows the product to go beyond its current capability.

So Asus made a device the complements the phone and allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of both a phone and a tablet.

Combination of Phone and Tablet

We use phones for our daily conversations and do things on the Internet. But due to the small screen size limitations of mobile phones most consumers would love to buy a tablet for better user experience.

However Asus padfone is the combination of both gadgets and it is really a great breakthrough. Now by placing the phone into the tablet, customers can enlarge the screen size from phone to tablet with an expandable keyboard anytime and anywhere.

ASUS Padfone Front

Hassle Free Data Transfer

Wi-Fi internet access comes easy as the tablet has 3G network connection from the phone. So there would be no hassles with data transfers between the two devices. Wi-Fi availability will not restrict your usage as the internet access from the 3G network connection is shared between the phone and tablet.


Padfone Body

Asus claims a lot of research and discussion are done during the designing process. Padfone ensures that the body gives the consumer a comfortable grip even after the heavy usage in the longer term.

The curves of Asus padfone are really smooth and sleek. Especially on the edge of the back cover and where the phone is place as that is an area which well be in frequent contact with the hands.

ASUS Padfone Back Closed


  • This platform expands the user experience with combination of phone and tablet.
  • Asus padfone breaks the rules of innovation and marks the new milestones for Asus portable devices.
  • It enables the connectivity that links to all aspects of our digital life.
  • Finally Asus padfone is truly a classic example of style and function in one package.

We have to wait for its full specification and price for a while. Until then you can go prepare yourself for the Apple WWDC event that will be starting in a few moments or do nothing.

What do you have to say about the ASUS Padfone? My words “Brilliant”! Will it work? What do you think?

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