Are New Sharing Applications Overwhelming Us?

Are New Sharing Applications Overwhelming Us?

Today, it is possible to share every facet of your life online, regardless of what you are doing at any specific point in time. You can share absolutely anything, from your favourite TV show to a timeline of your posts on Facebook or YouTube. Why has sharing become so important? According to experts, sharing lets people find experiences and acquire knowledge that they wouldn’t have acquired or come upon if their friends hadn’t done so first. The popularity of sharing has surged to a sometimes overwhelming level in the past decade, what with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networking sites.

New tendencies in sharing

Another distinct tendency is emerging against the backdrop of this broader one. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in companies focusing on a concrete segment of sharing, though they are usually connected to the broader social networking platforms. This period is also known for the rise in smart phones. Examples of specific sharing applications are Foursquare, Instagram, Color, Foodspotting, Waze, Runkeeper and many more. Instagram is focused on sharing photos, as is Color. Foursquare enables you to share your location, while users can share information about traffic jams via Waze. As the name suggests, Foodspotting is an application for sharing culinary information. Finally, Runkeeper lets you share the results of users’ workout programs. The last application was developed by the fitness company Fitness Keeper Inc., which is based in Boston.

More sharing applications

Sharing has gotten to the point where you can establish your own digital museum, chronicling your sharing history. This is a museum, where you are the curator and you have a personal timeline with all the music, emotions, thoughts, news links, photos and videos you have ever shared online. This has become a very popular service. It is offered by the company Memolane, which is based in San Francisco.

What you can share

Of course, not everything is shareable. Topics like food, news and entertainment are. Activities like playing games, reading books, watching sports, and listening to music can be shared through an application of the company Get Glue in New York. This company is committed to establishing and focusing on shareable topics. Their approach has proven quite lucrative, as their clients now exceed one million. There is excellent growth potential in these niches, because potential audiences reach 30 million via Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the sponsors and advertisers. They are interested in joining the stream of everyday social sharing, with billions of people in the long term instead of trying to attract attention with annoying, pesky commercials, or print advertising.

Not everyone is in the game

Not all companies are quick to jump on the bandwagon, however. Some are not willing to sacrifice the privacy of their users just to make a profit from advertising. What is more, sharing is more popular with younger people, as older generations are used to keeping more things private. Proponents of sharing, on the other hand, maintain that sharing predates technology and, indeed, dates from antiquity. Another problem involves the demand of users – sharing applications cannot possibly develop as fast as people expect them to, and a lot of things are bound to get rejected.

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