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Archos Launched 5 New Android based Tablets

Archos Launched 5 New Android based Tablets

Archos, a popular French consumer electronics company has launched a whole new lineup consisting of five of its newest and top of the line tablets. These include the low price Archos 28 and 32, medium-low price ranged Archos 43 and Archos 70 and the $300 starting price Archos 101 tablets. A brief overview of the five tablets introduced by Archos is given below:


Archos 28

A 2.8 inch wide, 320×240 resistive touchscreen tablet machine, Archos 28 starts for as low as $99. Considering its low starting price, the device boasts good enough specs for starters with its 600MHz Cortex A8 processor and 4GB of storage.


Archos 32

Another low end and low priced tablet target for the masses, Archos 32 improves on what the 28 has to offer, with a slightly higher starting price of $149.99. This tablet holds a 3.2″ display, 8GB of storage, an 800MHz Cortex A8 processor, and a rear camera that is capable of recording 720p HD video.


Archos 43

Aimed towards those who are into more ‘techy’ tablets, the Archos 43 will give its users just that: a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, a .35″ thick design, a 4.3″ display, a 2MP camera with 720p HD recording capability.


Archos 70

The first one nudging the doors of the high end tablet market, the Archos 70 holds a capacitive 7 inch wide touchscreen as opposed to the 28, 32 and 43 which are all resistive touchscreens. Also, this ultra-thin tablet (measuring just 0.4 inches maximum width) is also equipped with a front facing camera and has USB and microHDMI ports for accessibility. Price range goes up automatically: the tablets starts at $279.99.


Archos 101

The cream of Archos’ tablet lineup, the 101 packs a solid set of specifications coupled with a large 10.1 inch 1024×600 resolution screen. Also, the 101 runs atop a 1GHz processor along with USB and HDMI options available. The tablet has a starting price tag of $299.99 which is slightly higher than the Archos 70, owing to 101’s bigger screen.


All these tablets from Archos run on Google’s Android operating system and are slated to be released in the market at various times starting from mid-September and continuing through till the end of October. Stay tuned to find out more.

[Via- Engadget]

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