Apple WWDC 2011: iCloud and It’s Features

Apple WWDC 2011: iCloud and It’s Features

And the first day of the WWDC is over and we’ve learnt a lot, seriously a lot more than we expected to learn. We already discussed about two announcements at the WWDC keynote, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion, both have which have got about 450 new features together. Now it’s time for the third beg news to be talked about, Apple’s iCloud which has been in the rumors, leaked pictures, documents and what not, has finally been announced and the features are truly amazing.

Let me start by explaining to you: What is Apple iCloud?

Well, to begin with it’s Google Music on steroids with better wings and better features(could be). I’m not going to praise it too much, as it’s not live yet, and also because I haven’t used it yet. If I start explaining what is iCloud, you guys will probably read it from Apple’s official iCloud page. So;

iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices automatically. It’s the easiest way to manage your content. Because now you don’t have to.

There you go, like Apple puts it, the easiest way to manage your content, but only 5GB of it, at least for now.

What are the main features of iCloud.

  • The most interesting feature is that this service is free of charge. Yes, anyone with an iOS device can signup and get 5GB of storage space for free. The 5GB Cloud disk can store some of your songs, photos, videos, documents, mail, contacts etc.
  • Another feature is iTunes Match, which will cost you $25 a year and is something very intriguing. I have no clue whatsoever why Apple would do something like this as they hate piracy and things related to privacy. What iTunes Match does is, it will sync and look for all your iTunes library songs in the iTunes store and give you free information on all your songs, like lyrics and stuff. Isn’t that awesome, it won’t matter if none of your songs on iTunes were ever purchased from iTunes or a Music store. And this has no limit, no 5GB limit, no 1 Million songs limit. Huh, like you’re going to have a million songs stored on your computer, unless you’re iTunes.
  • MobileMe has been murdered and the service is made more device/cloud and app orientated. You can now push all your contacts, calendars and memos to your other Apple devices in a swoosh. Just like that you’ll have it delivered onto your iPad or Macbook. Yeah, that’s right!! Android related?
  • The App Store is also centralized between all your iOS devices and now shows purchase history. This means that you don’t have to download the apps that you have on of your iOS devices to all the others, they’ll just re-download for free. No need for you to look for all those apps on your iPhone all over again, you can just download it on your iPad for free.
  • You can upload a photo from one of your iOS device to iCloud and it’ll automatically get streamed to other connected iOS devices, plus it will stay on iCloud for 30 days in case you decide that you need to store that photo. Another nice feature.
  • A daily backup service, which means that all your Settings, new photos, new purchased music, App data and other files will be automatically stored on iCloud. This will make things easier for you and also increase your internet bills, which is alright because you’re probably rich as you can afford to have an iPhone, an iPad, a Macbook and all those other iOS devices.

Yeah, that’s about it!! The rest aren’t so really important as it all involves around how everything iOS and Mac OS X has been made easier to use and reuse. As Steve Jobs commenting “It Just Works”. I hope it does, I don’t want my 5GB of data to disappear because of the rains.You can now watch the complete WWDC 2011 Keynote over at Apple”s website.

Learn more about iCloud. All this to be available this fall!

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