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Apple Mobile Service: A Dream Going to be Reality Soon

Apple mobile service carrier
Apple Mobile Service: A Dream Going to be Reality Soon

Apple mobile service carrierApple has always been known for coming up with kick-ass products. Though, not to forget about some of the failures too like Ping, and many others but as we say, we learn from mistakes and apple is getting bigger and bigger, with every day passing by.

There have been strong rumors of Apple expanding its services portfolio to accommodate a new service – that of Apple as a mobile carrier. But, if and when this does happen, it should come as no surprise as Apple filed a patent for “Dynamic Carrier Selection” in 2006, a few months short of announcing its first iPhone device.

Under the guidelines of this patent, the company can strike deals with existing mobile operators in order to provide wireless services directly to its consumers. Apple can strike deals with multiple carriers on a wholesale basis, which in turn will allow the company to offer its customers a choice of numerous carriers, plans, and services. The fact that it makes wholesale cellular agreements also means that it can offer carrier services at highly competitive rates to its customers. All in all, a good idea for Apple and also for its customers.

Also, there is the possibility of Apple to acquire a new SIM card for its GSM and LTE based devices. This is owing to the fact that the company will be able to use the SIM (a Nano SIM or a virtual one) to cater to its customers from its iTunes stores itself; the users can opt for services such as voice call, data messaging, roaming subscription, other data packages etc., by connecting to the iTunes store via their SIM.

Combine it with the strong customer base Apple already has and you can see how things can work tremendously in its favor. Also, because the customers have already entrusted Apple with their credit card information, it would be easy for the company to provide digital content and billing platform at one stop (iTunes). Hence, it will be able to provide comprehensive services to the users of its iPhone and iPad device.

Thus, we can see that Apple already has the infrastructure ready, with more than 350 stores across the world, which can act as contact point for its consumers. Thus, we can see that the stage is already set, and awaiting Apple to enter into the mobile carrier market.

Why hasn’t Apple mobile service launched yet?

So, if all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, the question to ask is “Why hasn’t Apple launched its mobile services till date?”
Well, the truth is that things aren’t as hunky dory as they seem. Although Apple gives wonderful devices such as the iPhone, the lack of subsidiaries paid for by the carriers can mar its efforts at becoming a successful mobile carrier. Take the case of a new 16 GB iPhone, which starts at $199 on contract. When out of the contract and sans the subsidiary, the price can shoot almost 5 times for the customers.

However, with an enormous cash reserve, it can catch up with the rest of the market till the time it can shell out some of its own through new subscribers and contracts.

We do hope to see Apple in this new image soon, maybe in the near future with the announcement of a new iPhone/iPad device. When do you think Apple mobile service will be launching? And will you kick out your current mobile service provider, if Apple comes with with their own mobile carrier plans?

This is a guest post by Alicia from Perceptive mobile Apps. If you would like to write for CallingAllgeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

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