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Apple iPhone 4 has been one of the highest selling smartphones, with approximately 1.7 million sales on the first three days after its release back in June 2010. Its been nearly 10 months by now, but there has been no official announcement regarding its release in India. But with release of the fifth generation of the iPhone in a couple of months, people might eye to get their first hands on the iPhone 5.

So here is the big question: How will the next generation of the iPhone might look like? Checkout out the list of features the next phone from Apple might have.

Bigger Screen

With most of the phones getting bigger screens these days, the next iPhone might feature  a 4.3 inch display and hence making it an ultimate entertainment device to view all your favourite movies and videos with a bigger and wider screen.

Better Camera

Though iPhone 4 comes with just a 5 megapixel camera, the performance has been incredible. But it does lack HD video recording and an auto focus function. An 8 mp camera with AF and HD recording will just be the right combo.

Thin and Sleek

With the new iPad 2 getting trimmed down to just 8.8mm, the iPhone too might sport the new sleek look.

Faster Processor

A5 processor was first seen on the iPad 2, which boasted about its 2x faster CPU speed and 9x faster graphics speed, with the same power consumption of the original A4 chip. Apple will surely power the next iPhone with this Dual-core processor and punch in more raw computing power.

Micro SD card slot

This feature has never been implemented on any generation of the iPhone, but we really hope that Apple implement it this time.


We’d like to see a proper HDMI port on the next version so that we can hook up our iPhone to our HD TV without the need for anything except  a HDMI cable


NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which allows users to simply wave their phone over sensors to pay for things, and supports more mobile media sharing.  The inclusion of an NFC chip might actually be an essential change, with many banking corporations planning to introduce NFC enabled transactions.

Availability of White iPhone


The White iPhone’s availability has always been a case of mystery and uncertainty. The white iPad 2 was launched along with the black one, so we can expect the white iPhone 5 from day 1.

Metal Back

We did hear lot of rumours abt the next iPhone sporting a metal back, but Apple has been actually working on the back casing, to replace the back-glass enclosure with a curved metal back to give the phone a more solid feel.

3D Display

3D has been the in-thing, and every mobile phone company has been working with their version of 3D capable phones. So Apple might surprise us with a 3D display and other 3D enabled features.

iOS 5

We can surely expect a more dynamic operating system, preferably in the form of iOS 5 which will most likely feature lots of multitasking options to add to the limited scope offered by the current software. Apple has also been working on a  Flash-friendly browser, which has been the biggest drawbacks of the iPhone.

So there you go with the list of predictions of the iPhone 5 which is expected to release in June 2011. Do let us know your predictions for iPhone 5 and what all new features you expect to see in next version of iPhone?

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