Apk Info: Get Detailed Information about Apps on Your Android Device

If you tend to be a developer eager to develop applications for the Google’s mobile OS Android then Apk Info is a right kind of an application for you. Apk Info for Android is the name of this useful utility that allows users to view various kind of detailed information about all the applications that are installed on their Android device.

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This application is especially very useful for new developers because this particular freeware displays information related to an app like package name, app activities and its permissions.

Apk Info Features and Usage instructions


Apk Info finds its real application for the developers community, but for the common Android users it is quite useful as well because it enables them to keep check on number of applications that are being installed on their Android device. Apps interface is minimalist, its homescreen shows the total number of apps installed on the device dividing them in two categories, user applications and system apps.

Tapping on View Apps will start listing and loading every app installed on your Android device on a new window showing information like package name and installation path with every listed App.

Once the entire list is loaded, users can select any app from the list to view more information tagged with it.Apk-info-App-information-page

Apk Info can be downloaded from the Android marketplace for free.

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