Angry Birds 3 Star Video Walkthrough Guide

Rovio, the creator of the most popular iPhone game ever – Angry Birds has released complete Angry Birds for iPhone’s walkthrough videos to help you get across any level that you might have been stuck on for the whole of last evening. Even if you did get across the level learn how to get highest score and 3 stars on the level.

Scroll down for video walkthroughs to all the levels in every world right from 1-5. Who needs cheat codes when you have complete walkthroughs available. But make sure you give the level a good number of tries before you peek into the videos featured here. Otherwise, you’ll lose the whole point of crossing the level – satisfation and enjoyment.


Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos:

Theme 1 Levels 6-10

Theme 1 Levels 11-15

Theme 1 Levels 16-21

Theme 2 Levels 1-5

Theme 2 Levels 6-10

Theme 2 Levels 11-15

Theme 2 Levels 16-21

Theme 3 Levels 1-5

Theme 3 Levels 6-10

Theme 3 Levels 11-15

Theme 3 Levels 16-21

Mighty Hoax

Theme 4 Levels 1-5

Theme 4 Levels 6-10

Theme 4 Levels 11-15

Theme 4 Levels 16-21

Theme 5 Levels 1-5

Theme 5 Levels 6-10

Theme 5 Levels 11-15

Theme 5 Levels 16-21

Angry Birds for iPhone has been the most addictive mobile game I have ever played. The creators of Angry Birds are also planning to bring it to other consoles like PS3 and Xbox. It has already been released for Android as well as Nokia Symbian phones. Get the Android version here and the Nokia version from the Ovi Store.

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