Android 3.0 Honeycomb – not an Open Source anymore

Android 3.0 Honeycomb – not an Open Source anymore

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Android OS for smartphones till now is open source,but recently Google has restrict access to the Android 3.0 also known as Honeycomb. Honeycomb now is a closed source that means it is now only restricted to the specific developers and OEMs.

Reason behind such a move is that now Google don’t want the independent developers to play with Honeycomb.

Right now, each OEM has their own special UI layer like Motorola has “blur” and HTC has “sense” and so on. Google wants others to follow some standards regarding the use of Honeycomb as it is specially meant for Tablets and with their own API additions and apps will gonna miss the basic Android functions.This is what creating problems for developers.

What I feel that this is a good move by Google as sometimes it’s better to restrict the use in order to address a specific problem. Moreover,Apple`s iOS for iPhone and iPod are also closed source.

What if the Honeycomb is also an open source?

Independent developers will dig it deeper in order to change some specified standards resulting in a different interfaces and different problems arising from them.The users will get systems with “crapware” and numerous OEMs utilities and garbage that may lower the performance and cause application issues. Who`s gonna handle them?NO ANSWER

So in all, Google has thought of the users ultimately.Making Honeycomb as a closed source is an apt move in my opinion.What do you think? Do share.

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