Analytic and Adsense Chrome Extnesion : Some Love for Bloggers

Analytic and Adsense Chrome Extnesion : Some Love for Bloggers

Recently Google team officially launched Adsense Chrome extension, which will let you check your Adsense earning without loging into adsense every time. Similarly, I’m also sharing another useful addon call Analytics for Chrome, and as name suggests it will let you check your Website Google analytic stats, right from Chrome bar.

Once you become a blog writer or a website owner, you’re interested in generating income from your blog or website. The first thing you do when you start a blog or website is to submit your blog URL to search engines like Google, Bing, Ask etc. So then you want to track your traffic to your website or blog, so that you can assess how well your blog is doing on World Wide Web. The free, powerful and common tool generally people to analyze their traffic and know the organic traffic is Google Analytics. Once this is done, people apply for Google Adsense account so that they can put their ads on their blog or website.

The story simply does not end here! People are so addicted to Google Analytics and Google Adsense that they check their real time traffic and income generated every few minutes by logging into their Google accounts. So if you’re using different Google accounts, you’ve to logout of your present account and login to your Google Analytics and Adsense account every time you want to check out these details. This is a cumbersome process and what if you can obtain these analytics and results with a click of a button.

Voila! With the advent of Google Chrome and its extensions, this can be done. Today I’m going to introduce you to two easy and powerful Google Chrome extensions, by which you can see your Google Analytics and Google Adsense details (in summary).


Analytics Chrome Extension – Stats for Google Analytics

With this extension you can check the daily google analytics data for your website or blog, in a pop-up on clicking the icon near the address bar of Chrome. The things you can track with this extension are as follows:

  • Views
  • Pageviews
  • Pages/Visit
  • Bounce Rate
  • Avg Time on Site
  • % New Visits
  • Visitors

Download Analytics Chrome Extension

First you need to grant access to your Google Analytics account and after that you can view all the Google Analytics data for all websites linked to your account. This chrome extension is convenient if you want to check your gmail on one account and at the same time check your google analytics data on another google account. Clicking on the account name, will directly open the Google Analytics Account Home page. You can also view only few sites data (if you’ve more than one website in your Google Analytics account) by clicking on the options link.

The extension can improve by displaying website name instead of the account name.

Analytics Chrome Extension


Adsense Chrome Extension – Adsense Publisher Toolbar

Adsense Chrome extension

This extension gives Adsense Publishers two ways to access basic real-time information about their accounts and also about their ads. The pop-up displays the following information.

  •  Account earnings summary (today, yesterday, this month, last month)
  •  Top 5 custom channels
  •   Top 5 URL channels
  •   Lifetime revenue

Download Adsense Chrome extension

The little side-effects of this chrome extension is that it does not use the same timezones as the Adsense does.  It can also improve by showing the top custom channels for TODAY etc. and also today’s earnings for custom channels. More customization like including more than two google adsense accounts is also welcome. It can also display the CTR/eCPM for the ad overlay. One thing, which I don’t like about this extension is, if your adsense login is different from current Google logged in account, you need to logout and login using your adsense account. In such scenario, this one become useless.  I hope in near future, Google add multi account login feature to Adsense publisher toolbar addon.

Anyways, for Bloggers both of these addons: Adsense for Chrome & Analytics for Chrome are useful an handy. Do let us know which is your favorite Adsense or Analytic extension for Chrome?

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