Airtel Unlimited 3G Plan finally Announced

Airtel Unlimited 3G Plan finally Announced

Looks like Airtel is going to be the first operator to announce an unlimited 3G data plan for customers. Airtel Unlimited 3G plan called ‘Airtel Super 950′, brings much awaited unlimited data plan to customers, but only in Rajasthan.

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3G is slowly spreading in the Indian continent and more people are actually starting to use data cards rather than broadband. One of the main advantages of a USB 3G dongle is that you can carry it anywhere with you. And since this is Airtel we are talking about, you’ll most likely get good connectivity on a mountain or even a jungle. Coming back to the new Super 950 plan introduced by Airtel, the unlimited part is not really very useful. The company promises that you’ll receive up to 7.2 MBps with the Airtel Unlimited 3G, but it only lasts for the first 6GB of data usage. Now, that’s about 4 movies and you’re bounced back to a crawling internet connection(20 kbps downloads).

However, this is a good start, and for users who don’t download anything, this could be very useful for browsing and work. If you’re doing a lot of browsing in a day, then that 6GB is not going to last long, but anyway, it’s unlimited. So all you have to pay is Rs 950 every month, which is cheap as no other carrier offers an unlimited 3G connection at the moment. Sudipto Chowdhury, chief executive officer for Rajasthan, Bharti Airtel stated:

We are delighted to announce the launch of Airtel Super 950 plan for our valued customers. As data and 3G services drive the next wave in India’s telecom industry, we are offering a plan that will offer an exciting user experience at the best price. We invite all our customers to enjoy the magic of Airtel 3G on the move.

For now, this offer and data plan is only available for users in Rajasthan, but soon it’ll be spread to many other cities and states. What do you think of this Airtel Unlimited 3G data plan?

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