Airtel iPhone 4 Pricing and Plans

Airtel iPhone 4 Pricing and Plans

Tomorrow, May 27 is the big date, as both Airtel and Aircel plan on launching the iPhone 4 in the Indian Market. Apple fans have been waiting for this moment from a really long time, and May 27 will be a day to be remembered. Both Airtel and Aircel have given the Apple iPhone 4 really good pricing and will be selling them officially unlocked. We told you yesterday that Aircel decided to spice up this launch by providing a money back offer to all its customers. I was quite confused why Airtel did not take any such step, but instead they just offered 50% discount for Airtel customers whose monthly bill exceeds INR 2000.

Earlier today, Airtel’s iPhone 4 page went live and revealed some really nice offers or plans that will help you recover the cost of your iPhone 4 in about 24 months. Not the complete cost, but around INR 24,000, which is something really interesting as Aircel has also offered a similar pricing. Not that I would want my money back after buying the iPhone 4, but it’s not a bad offer for customers.

If you look at the above picture, you now have the option to select an offer and register yourself for the iPhone 4. You may want to register as the stock may get over in a short period of time, specially in major towns and cities. Anyways, below are the three different plans that you can select when buying the iPhone 4 to get those offers I was talking about.

Airtel iPhone 4 Postpaid Plans

As you can see, the offer begins from Rs. 600 and extends up to Rs. 2000, ultimately the highest plan saving you about Rs. 24,000 in about 2 years. With each plan you get some free SMS, Talktime, Internet and 3G services.

Airtel iPhone 4 Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans are pretty much as same as those Postpaid plans, but the overall money back that you’re eligible for when you chose the highest plan is only Rs. 21768. Again, there are free SMS, calls, talktime and 3G.

According to Atul Bindal, President, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel;

As 3G services drive the next wave of growth in the country’s telecom industry, iPhone 4 on Airtel’s exceptional high-speed network will provide customers with a truly mobile 3G experience at affordable service offerings.

Now all we have to do is, those who already have an iPhone 4, is somehow trick those Airtel or Aircel guys into believing that we purchased it from them and get us some money back. That would be hilarious. So what plan would you opt for? and will you be dating Airtel or Aircel?

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  • Kunal @ AndroidHogger

    May 27, 2011, 8:18 pm

    Well the offer by Airtel is not so appealing as it offers only A2A calls not to others. Why we should count A2A mins which can be made 20 paise with some booster recharges? They’re providing 2000 messages, why not go for 500sms/day with just 52 recharge?
    The only good thing is 1350 mb 3G data uses. But again not worth paying 2000 a month. They should have come with something as exciting as Aircel. But Aircel’s network quality is not as good as Airtel’s.
    So its all confusing.

  • Rajat June 12, 2011, 12:49 am

    true man. i realy wonder when they will come up with a plan that is actually even 1 percent attractive for customers. these plans are lame.

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