Airtel Auto and Manual GPRS settings for your Mobile

Most of advanced handsets get Airtel GPRS settings automatically after inserting Airtel SIM card first time but if you are unable to receive settings automatically then you can receive these settings by sending SMS to Airtel.


How to get settings of Airtel GPRS

Just send an SMS <MO> to <2567>. Don’t worry you will  be charged nothing because it is a toll-free SMS. After a few seconds you will receive Airtel GPRS settings for your mobile phone in a SMS and you have to save these settings.

Unable to receive settings even after sending message?

It may be possible that Airtel GPRS settings not received even after sending SMS message. In this condition you have to apply these settings manually.

  • Go to your mobile internet settings ( different in different handsets)
  • Create new GPRS setting profile with;
  • Access point:
  • Data bearer :GPRS or Packet Data
  • Preferred access point : No
  • Username and password: Leave it blank
  • Proxy :Enabled / yes.
  • Proxy and Server Address:
  • Proxy and Server Port : 8080
  • Save these settings and activate this  profile.
  • Now remove the SIM card and re-insert it to phone.

Have fun! Now you are ready to use Airtel GPRS if you have activated Airtel GPRS.

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