Access Your Mac From Your iOS Device Using PocketCloud Companion

Access Your Mac From Your iOS Device Using PocketCloud Companion

Virtual Network Computing commonly known as VNC has totally changed and transformed the way we can connect between various devices. Before the emergence of iPhone and the other smartphones, VNC softwares were known to be expensive and having a dull user-interface. But devices like iPhone and iPad have also changed the VNC softwares outlook making them easier to use and also giving them a more breathing space in terms of features.

There are numerous advanced mobile VNC apps that are available on the internet having price tags ranging from free to about $30 but today the software that i am going to review is PocketCloud Companion which is a free app that exploits certain options in iTunes music store facilitating the use of VNC.PocketCompanion-mobile-version

PocketCloud Companion Features and Setup

PocketCloud Companion is basically a VNC based app that allows users to remotely access their Mac from their iOS devices that is iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. Due to iPad’s larger screen size, viewing the Mac’s desktop is way better than what you experience on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

PocketCloud Companion connects to a computer remotely over a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection using an ordinary Gmail account. Here is what you need to do:

  • First of all download the PocketCloud companion application from Apple Mac storePocketCloud-Mac-version
  • After doing it, download remote PocketCloud client from iTunes Music store
  • Both the programs can be connected instantly
  • Now to set up PocketCloud Companion on Mac, users will have to launch the System preferences on their computer
  • On System Preferences go to Remote management option and check the option ”VNC viewers may control screen with password”
  • After doing this step, entering a password on prompt will setup your account

PocketCloud Companion Mobile Setup

Mobile client setup is also pretty simple on PocketCloud Companion, users will be taken through a process of adding Gmail account and the requisite password security. It’s almost a two step procedure after that it will allow users to launch, view or use anything on the desktop of their Mac.

More Apps from Apple Mac Store:

The thing that makes this VNC utility really handy is that it includes a Touch pointer that facilitates users to navigate things on their desktop. Overall, this is a really useful utility but just like other VNC programs it has a slight delay in what you see on your iPad or iPhone and what’s there on desktop of your Mac. You can download PocketCloud Companion from Apple Mac store for free.

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