8 Simple Tech Gadgets Every Business Person Should Have

8 Simple Tech Gadgets Every Business Person Should Have

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Technology isn’t just optional in the modern business world. Thanks to the fast-paced world of modern tech, businesspeople — regardless of their field or role — will want to stock up on more than a handful of modern day electronics.

Here are eight of the items that no serious businessperson should go without.

1. WiFi Hotspot Card

This nifty little device basically works as your portable internet connection, courtesy of either cell phone companies or independent groups. The device will run about $100 with a contract, and service ranges from roughly $40 to $80 per month.

2. BlueTooth Headset

They give us hands-free headsets in the workplace for a reason. Oddly enough, you’ll need your hands while you’re on the go, too. Whether it’s for making notes on your computer or idly organizing files while taking a call, a BlueTooth Headset is a simple way to increase your productivity — and these days will cost you as little as $20.

3. GPS Navigation

Being punctual is incredibly important when you’re going to business meetings, and knowing your way around will save you a huge headache while on a business trip. It’s well worth the cost, which starts at around $100.

4. A Webcam & Mic

Internet meetings are more and more common these days, so you better get a webcam and microphone so you can fill your virtual seat. The nice thing is that this is shockingly affordable, starting at around $25 for a very viable setup.

5. A Thumb Drive

As you travel, your data will need to as well. While burning DVDs was once a great idea, there’s now a much simpler solution: the thumb drive. This little flash storage device can easily transport all of your major files. The best part? You can literally pick up a 4gb model for around $15.

6. A Laptop or Netbook

If you want to be truly productive on the road, a laptop or netbook (especially when paired with a WiFi hotspot) is a must. Especially thanks to web enabled applications, these computers can do anything your full-sized computer can. The cost for your system will range anywhere from about $250 to about ten times that amount.

7. A Smartphone

Times have changed, and while a smartphone wasn’t even a twinkle in someone’s eye a decade ago, it’s now a mandatory cornerstone of business functioning. While these devices are pricey, ranging anywhere from $150 to $700, many of the above items — GPS, mobile hotspot, thumb drive, even a webcam — are integrated into the higher end models.

Note: This interactive infographic (can’t figure out how to embed on here, so click the badge below) actually shows the evolution of cell phones in an interesting and fun way. Look for the easter eggs :)

Moble - Cell Phone Evolution

8. Time Burners

While on the road, you will also need to keep yourself sane. It’s a good idea to have at least one piece of technology designed to prevent your brain from going numb. Our top choices? MP3 players and eBook readers.

We all know the old adage, “It takes money to make money.” Now more than ever, though, the money invested isn’t just into sellable products and business framework, but into technologies like those listed above. Not only are these items fun to play with, but they increase productivity, effectiveness, and in the end will ramp up profits.

Article by Jen Williams

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  • Himanshu February 17, 2011, 9:36 pm

    the gadget listed are quite vital for sure. but gadgets like gps and pmps(timeburners) can be skipped as they can be made used in smartphones these days.

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