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8 Improvements Needed In Apple iPad

8 Improvements Needed In Apple iPad

iPadThe latest tech buzz these days is about iPad. Here at Calling All Geeks we had quite many articles covering iPad. We had an interesting iPad video review followed by 15 pros and cons of iPad.
Going further ahead, here is a list of improvements that I think are required in iPad:

  1. Need of a webcam: I don’t understand how Apple missed this. Having a web cam is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Steve Jobs claimed during the launch that an iPad is “way better than laptop or smart phone”. But with no web cam to let me interact with friends around the world, I am skeptical about this claim.
  2. Support for flash website: iPad doesn’t support flash websites. Though many flash websites are coming with iPad compatible versions, still there are a lot of good small websites that might not offer iPad compatibility. Instead of asking websites to change from flash, Apple should start supporting flash based websites.
  3. USB connectivity: With no usb connectivity, iPad users will find themselves at a loss when it comes to connect some external peripheral device. Apple provides a single dock connector, though. But it can’t replace the usability of sd cards/usb ports.
  4. Apple Applications: You can only install applications provided by App Store. Since it’s my iPad, why not let me decide which application I want?
  5. Weight: With a weight of around 2.4 pounds (that is around 1.1 kg), it will be difficult to hold it in one hand and have the other hand do the typing using the on-screen keyboard.
  6. RAM: With a ram of just 256 MB, multi tasking will not be easy. Ram upgrade option could be amazing.
  7. Storage: iPad offers a maximum of 64 gb of storage, with no support for SD cards. Considering that many smart phones can hold that much of data, Apple will certainly have to work on this area.
  8. Battery Replacement: The battery of an iPad is not detachable or replaceable. So when the battery finally gives up (though various tests have confirmed that it has a long battery life), you’ll have to pay $99 + $6.95 shipping charges, for a replacement. The happier side is you’ll be getting a new iPad- ‘technically’, with a new battery. The down side is that it will result in doing a data backup. But with just 64 gb that should not be of much concern.

Are there any other areas you feel iPad should improve? Do let us know, through your comments. Maybe we can forward it to Steve Jobs then :).

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  • Joyce July 26, 2010, 6:50 pm

    The greatest concern for me is to have adobe flash! I can’t believe that iPad doesn’t have it.

  • Michael December 31, 2010, 5:55 am

    the ipad would be much better if you could watch live tv on it.

  • Jagan Mangat January 5, 2011, 10:38 am

    I don’t like ipad,people just feel apple and buy it,there are so many other tablets go for them.
    What people think is”Its Apple oh its gonna be really cool”,and still after some time”Its not that much usefull””” hmn any ways its Apple huh!!!…i am using a world class standard thing”………CRAP!

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