7 Useful Apps for the iPhone

7 Useful Apps for the iPhone

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If you counted to the total number of iPhone apps, it would take you nearly a full decade — and by then, there would probably be millions more. As such, it’s important that you narrow down your search to only those mouth-watering applications that are truly worth your time and attention.

Here are seven apps that you absolutely have to check out that the majority of people are using (and you should be too)


Yes, obviously Facebook has a lot of its own appeal. It’s nice that you can obsessively check in on your friends, post status updates, and get notifications while you’re on the move. However, the reason it’s on this list is that it enhances your iPhone’s phone book like crazy. All of the listed friends and their contact information can be automatically imported into your contact list.

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Google Maps and/or Mapquest

You really, really don’t need to get lost anymore. While there are many GPS options, Google Maps is especially powerful since it gives so many different options. You can get your standard driving navigation from the friendly lady-voice of Google, but you can also get step-by-step directions, access to local public transportation routes, and even directions for those traveling on bike or foot.

When Mapquest was for only online, I didn’t trust it very much for directions. This new and awesome app for the iPhone though makes up for it. Turn by turn voice directions, and integrated location finder so you can look for restaurants/bars/coffee shops all around you. Or whatever geeky place you hang out :)

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Dragon Dictation

Let’s be honest: the iPod’s voice recognition for text input isn’t amazing. Luckily, there is an app that fills this need while Apple gets their act together. It’s called Dragon Dictation, and has what may be the most stunningly accurate voice recognition to date.

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There are some places where the AT&T network isn’t outstandingly strong. Line2 immediately rectifies this by letting you make phone calls using any local WiFi connection. However, Line2 also allows inboud and outbound phone calls over either the 3G or standard carrier network.

You can also take into consideration the abilities to send and receive text messages, make international calls at outstandingly low rates, and access advanced features like conferencing and call forwarding.

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Atomic Browser

Safari is a decent mobile browser, all things considered. However, there are better alternatives. One of them is called “Atomic Browser,” and it brings a near-desktop browsing experience to your mobile platform. Features like a private browsing mode, tabbing, and agent spoofing make this a far more versatile way to access the web.

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Plants vs Zombies

This simple yet addicting game called Plants vs Zombies features a unique press: Use your plants to kill all the zombies. This immensely popular time-waster is just one of the many great games that you can find on the iPhone, and they all come in at an amazingly good price.

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Want to go catch a movie but don’t know what’s playing, where? Want to kill a few hours watching all the movie previews available? Want to check out reviews from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes before deciding which flick to check out? You can do all that and much more thanks to Flixster’s excellent “Movies” app.

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This isn’t a full selection of the great apps currently available, but even that would take some time to tally. These seven amazing apps make for a great starting point as you explore the possibilities for your iPhone.

What are some of your favorites iPhone Applications? Any alternatives to the ones mentioned?

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