6 Worst Tech Products Ever & 3 Redeeming Ones

6 Worst Tech Products Ever & 3 Redeeming Ones

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The tech industry has given rise to lots of new products. It seems that for every iPhone, there are a few not so great inventions. Below are six of the worst tech products ever made.

1. Windows ME

Forget Windows 98 ‘blue screen of death,’ Windows ME or Millennium came to be associated with how even the best company can get it wrong.

2. Eyetop Wearable DVD Player

At some point it occurred to this company that people would love to be able to watch movies while walking around. Introduced in 2004, this was not the only such product, but it was probably the most recognizable.

3. DigiScent iSmell

There were a lot of positives that emerged from the dot com boom, but there were also a few things most would rather forget. Case in point the iSmell, an idea that disappeared almost as quickly as it was created. The idea was that when used with compatible websites, the product would transmit the appropriate smell for the user. Unfortunate moniker aside, it is hardly surprising that it never went into production.

4. Apple Macintosh Portable

To be fair to Apple this was back in the 1980s, but this product has earned its place on the list. At 16 pounds, it played loosely with the term ‘portable.’ Further compounding its problems was the fact that it could only use lead acid batteries. Its $6500 price tag also put it out of reach for many, but maybe that was a good thing. Laptop computers have come a long way since then.

5. Iomega Zip Drive

How do you start with what is without doubt a solid idea then fail on the execution? First, it must be said that the good folks at Iomega deserve credit for creating what was an easy way to store and transfer large files. However, when customers started to experience serious problems they were slow to react.

6. Sharp Actius RD3D Notebook

Fans of 3D entertainment were excited at the prospect of a notebook that offered 3D without the need for glasses. Reality kicked in soon enough, and it wasn’t the hefty price. When the 3D mode was activated the computer became noticeably sluggish. The 3D itself was disappointing too, as users had to position themselves just right to be able to see it. There’s plenty of regular laptop computers that don’t need all the extra bells and whistles… and function properly.

3 Redeeming Tech Products

While the tech world has had its share of misses, it has had many successes. Three of these are:

1. Apple iPod

This product managed to revolutionize the way people listen to music. Since the first version was introduced in 2001, subsequent offerings have only gotten better. Being backed by an innovative promotional campaign was a boost.

2. Atari

Compared to video game consoles available today, this is practically from the Stone Age. Still, it should be seen as the one that started it all. In 1977 it changed the face of home entertainment forever.

3. The Palm Pilot

This product is the precursor for the amazing smartphones available today. It breathed new life into the concept of PDAs, making them ‘must have’ devices.

As the tech boom continues, there will be more big hits, and a few that don’t make the grade. Let’s just hope we’ll have more long term successes, rather than short term failures.

Article by Jen Williams

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