5 Useful iTunes Tools for Mac

iTunes is one of the must have utility for Apple lovers but sometimes many of us get confused what tools to use when it comes to iTunes. There are lots of tools for iTunes which helps you to make your task easier and enjoy the iTunes features more. And if you are using these iTunes in Mac, you will surely love to play with them.

Here are 5 useful iTunes tools for Mac:


Aurora is really interesting iTunes tool, it is an alarm clock which wakes you up with your favorite songs instead of those irritating alarm tunes. It also allows you to schedule playlists for different days and time so you will always wake up with songs of your mood.


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Gimmesometune helps you to download lyrics and album covers automatically. It also display songs playing in a floating window which can be hide, if you don’t like. Gimmesometune also have lots of hotkeys and minicontroler to control iTunes perfectly.


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If you prefer to listen to music according to your mood, then Moody is one tool which you must have. Moody helps you to play music according to your mood ad you can also search, download and tag songs according to your mood easily.


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MyTunes RSS

MyTunesRSS helps you to create RSS feeds, M3U and let you play MP3 music directly in browser with lots of different features. Apart from this it also create multiple user accounts, assign permissions upload new music.


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A tune is useful tool which gives you complete control over iTunes. You can easily switch or browse to new songs without disturbing your current work. You can have your own custom menu to iTunes controls like next, previous, play, stop etc.


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Do let us know which one is your favorite iTunes tool for Mac to make iTunes more fun to use?

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