5 Useful and Popular Torrent Search Engines

Torrent search engines are very useful to find any desired torrent. Mostly, these torrent search engine search for torrent on popular torrent sites and show you the results. Torrents are best way to transfer files form one system to other. But while downloading the files from torrents it is important to take care that the torrent is reliable and you should always select the website having more number of seeders and less number of leechers. If you find it difficult to decide which website is good for downloading Torrents then here are few torrents which I prefer to use.

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Though, you can always search torrent on any private or public torrent sites but I recommend using Torrent search engines like Torrentz, which shows results from almost all popular torrent sites along with number of seeders and leechers. This will help you to pick fastest torrent and you can finish your downloading soon.

My favorite Torrent search engines:


YouTorrent have neat and clean layout. It provides you a little bit information about features torrents. So, before downloading you can read about the torrent and decide you want to download it or not. You will also get categories to search for torrents you want like movies, music, ebooks etc.

Torrent Search Engines

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Torrentz is user-friendly. The best part about this torrent is that it shows you results from various torrent websites but never shows the duplicate results. Now Torrentz also introduced iTorrentz for personalized search which makes your search easy and fast.


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Torrent Finder is a awesome multi search engine. You can search more than 163 torrent sites from their homepage itself. Just enter the keyword and start the search. You can also hide your personal activities while downloading the torrents.

Torrent finder

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Toorgle is an easy search engine for torrents which helps you to search more than 250 torrent websites and have more than 7,500,000 torrents indexed.


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isoHunt is a bit torrent having more than 1.7 million torrents in its database and 20 million peers from indexed torrents. You can check out the categories to search your torrent fast or simply use the search box on isohunt.


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These are few Torrent search engines which I prefer to use. If you are aware of any torrent search engine which is reliable do share with us.

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