5 New Features in iPhone 5?

I’m currently an iPhone 4 user and I never updated to iPhone 4, as I was waiting eagerly for iPhone 5, as iPhone 4s didn’t had much change apart from Siri, Camera and most importantly it missed a new Design. As accepted at iPhone 5 launch, it comes with a new design and boasts some great feature including Camera, battery life, new iOS and many more.

iPhone 5 new features

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There is no doubt I would be selling my iPhone 4 to buy new iPhone 5 which will start shipping from 21st September and since Hongkong and Singapore will be the first few countries to get iPhone 5, I’m sure it will not take much time to get iPhone 5 in India. Anyways, that’s  a discussion for later but for now, lets look at what all are new features in iPhone 5 and why you should buy iPhone 5. I’m not sure, it would be wiser to sell off your iPhone 4S for iPhone 5, but certainly if you have iPhone 4, 3G or 3GS, you should consider selling it now for new iPhone 5.

New Features of iPhone 5:

iOS 6:

iOS 6

Let me starts with new iOS 6 in iPhone 5. Siri is also upgraded in iOS 6 and now supports many 3rd part tool includong Yelp, Rotten Tomatos and supports more languages (Italian, Mandarin) and many more. Over all, iOS 6 will add almost 200 new features in iPhone 5. FaceTime will work on both 3G and W-fi and iOS mail app got some new tweaks including VIP feature.

New Dock connector:

iPhone 5 dock connector

Apple have redesigned the Dock connector of iPhone 5 and now new connecter works both the side and they will also add a new dock convertor, which will bridge the gap between old and new connector.

iPhone 5 Maps:

Apple ditched the old age Google apps from iPhone 5 and announced new iPhone 5 maps. This new map is incredibly powerful and supports voice navigation and 3D Zooming. At the Apple launch event, they showed the complete demo of new maps app in iOS 6 and we will do a complete review here at CallingAllGeeks, as soon as I get hands on iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Design:

As mentioned above, one of the reason I waited for iPhone 5 is because of new design and new iPhone 5 is lighter, taller and comes with new design. It will be available in two colors (White and black front).  It’s also thinnest and lightest iPhone yet and it’s 7.66 MM think and weight 112G with 1136 x 640 resolution. Also iPhon 5 will accomodate 5 app in a row instead of 4, which we have now in all earlier generation of iPhone.

A6 Processor:

iPhone 5 comes with A6 processor which drastically improves the performance and battery life of iPhone5. Which offers almost 2X faster performance and graphics than Apple iPhone 4S (A5 processor).  Battery life of iPhone5: 8 hours of 3G or LTE talk time or browsing. 10 hours on WiFi browsing.

Another new feature in iPhone 5 is Panaroma feature is in-built and it’s way smarter. It automatically fixes the crazy effects if somebody moves while taking a Panaroma shot. Also, now in iPhone 5, we can take a picture while shooting a video. From hardware perspective, iPhone 5 also comes with three microphone (Front, bottom and back). Which will help in voice recognition and noise cancellation.

There are many ore new features added in iPhone 5 but that’s something is not going to be selling point for iPhone 5. It’s mostly new iPhone 5 design, it’s map and A6 processor, that will make people droll for new iPhone. Well, I will certainly be buying new iPhone 5, how about you? How likely you are going to ditch your current smartphone for thinnest iPhone ever made?

Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 147 articles.

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    How much would be the cost of iPhone 5 in India ?

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    Many Many rupees, keep saving big guy

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