5 Must Have Netbook Accessories

Last week we compared Netbooks with Laptops and tablet PCs. Netbooks are perfect for anyone who’s always on the run and looking for a portable yet powerful device. Today we are sharing five top Netbook accessories which will further increase your productivity and peace of mind as well.

1. 3G USB Modem


The commonest purpose of the netbook is to stay connected to the internet while on the go. While traveling we cannot have the luxury of fast wi-fi connections like our homes or offices. You now have the option of purchasing one of the 3G modems which connect to your netbook or laptop via the USB port and provide great surfing speeds even while traveling. We recently reviewed the Micromax MMX 310G 3G USB modem and found it great for the purpose since it works on all networks worldwide. These cost approximately.

Alternatively, if you own an iPhone or Android device you can use Personal Hotspot feature to share the phone’s data network with your laptop.

2. External Hard Drive

5 netbook accessories 1

Netbooks ordinarily come with a 160GB hard drive installed. Space might be a issue for a lot of people. Designers and developers need to often carry a lot of media. Entertainment seekers have movies and photos to carry. Whatever be the purpose, an external hard disk serves to add disk space and leaves your netbook’s memory free.

The price of storage media has decreased a lot in the past few years. You can easily find a portable 500GB USB hard drive for $60 or Rs. 3000 from any leading hardware vendor. Also read, our guide on How to Select Best External Hard Disk.

3. Portable DVD Writer

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I hardly find myself using the optical drive on my Macbook Pro and really thinks its a great thing that they have removed it from netbooks and Macbook Air. Since we seldom use them, it’s good to do without the added weight and space.

For the few times that you do require to access data from a disk or burn some contents, you can buy yourself one of the compact external USB DVD drives. Carry them only when you need them.

4. USB Hub

5 netbook accessories 3

Normally, netbooks feature 2 or 3 USB ports. Theoretically, if you had one each of the devices mentioned above 3 USB ports would have sufficed. However, in practice USB modems are sometimes so thick that they block adjacent USB ports. In this case or when you need to connect extra peripherals a USB hub comes very handy.

They are compact and come with retractible cables. Use them to charge smartphones, connect printers and USB Storage drives.

5. Kensington Security Lock

5 netbook accessories 2

Agreed your netbook isn’t your priciest possession(smartphones cost more in fact) but we still can’t afford to lose one. If you find yourself leaving your netbook unattended at an open workplace or outdoors it’s a sound idea to invest in a Kensington security lock. They’ll cost you around $25.

If there’s any addition you would like to make to the list of top netbook accessories, feel free to do so via comments.

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  • Lama February 22, 2011, 2:30 am

    Sorry, but thats just a lame post:
    1) My Netbook already has an internal 3G modem
    2) Good idea, did that too.
    3) Use an DVD-Imaging tool for needed discs. Most of the time you can access your drive on the main PC so actually there is no need at all for that – even Windows is sold on USB-sticks!
    4) Woot? Normally a good 3G modem has an included cable in case it is too wide (T-Mobile does). What else do you need? Since its a mobile laptop you want to have a bluetooth mouse (that should be in the list) and then you have 3 ports free, 1 for USB sticks (temporarily), 1 for the external drive and its power supply. What else do you need?
    5) Especially in open places its ‘pretty easy’ to find some good securing points for your netbook, oh wait – you dont!

    Add all your stuff together and weight it. In the end you would be easier off with a full fledged Notebook. If you were seriously using a netbook, then a mouse is the only thing you normally wanna take with you.

  • Rajat February 22, 2011, 5:10 am

    it so appears you found the post lame because:
    1. you have own one of the suggested five
    2. your netbook has inbuilt 3G so you infer all of the leading netbooks out there do. (fact is most don’t) in my country if i walk into any brand’s store none would have a single unit which has it.

    3. you assumed the only need of an optical drive is to install windows or access data for which i have previously created an image when i was back home. imagine this, i am a musician and i need to burn my two songs on five DVDs and give it to my folks. i’d need it then.

    4. we have reviewed several 3g modems. none came with an extension cable. you can check our last unboxing here.

    5. the need of a mouse varies from person to person. personally, for my netbook needs its small trackpad is good enough.

    6. yes securing points are available almost everywhere. if i’m performing on stage i have a desk to tie it to. atleast 5 out of every 10 places do have a place to secure it to.

    buzz me back in case i missed anything.

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