5 Useful iTunes Addons You Should Try Today

iTunes AddonsWhen I started using iTunes , it was kind of mess up to select songs from library, manage those songs , sync them up. It used to take lot of time to organize iTunes library, for this reason I started using few iTunes Addons, which made my task easier, more organized and easy to sync with my iPod.

Here I have something for iTunes fan and who wish to extend the feature of iTunes.

Useful iTunes Addons for Geeks:


Moody is one of my favorite add-on. It helps you to play music according to your mood. You can search songs according to your mood rather than genre, you just need to tag songs. If you don’t want to tag your songs, you can download them from their database.


iTune sync:

iTune Sync allows you to synchronize any iTunes playlist with all popular MP3 Player. IT is available in multiple language if you are not comfortable with English. This is freeware and only for windows.


MP3 to iPod Book convertor

Mp3 to iPod convertor is again a useful iTunes Addons for windows. It helps you to convert your MP3 audiobooks and converts them to iPod format. The best feature is that you can start listening to the songs where you left when last played.


iTunes Remote Control

ITunes Remote control is for Mac users. It helps you to control the playback of iTunes on another computer on your network. It is great way to switch from one song to another from other computer and at your comfort.

iTunes Remote control

iTune monitor

iTune Monitor is very important for all iTunes addicted. If you use iTunes , you would also want to know who is connecting your iTunes shared library. iTunes monitor provides you the hostname and status of all the computer gets connected to your library.

itunes monitor

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These iTunes Addons are best way to make your iTune experience fun and great. Do share with us which iTune Add-on you use?

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