5 iPhone Apps that Help Dieters Accomplish Weight Loss Goals

Today’s smartphones have much more potential than yesterday’s cell phones, because they are easily expandable through downloadable apps. These apps make smartphones more useful by allowing users to accomplish tasks more easily. With more than a quarter million apps from which to choose, the iPhone leads the pack in customization and provides users with apps that can do virtually anything. Indeed, with an iPhone in hand and the right apps at your disposal, even losing weight seems a whole lot easier.

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Although the health risks associated with being overweight are well known, a large percentage of the population struggles with weight problems. The truth is, losing weight is a difficult endeavor for many people. Fortunately, the iPhone has several ingenious apps that make it easier than ever to shed those extra pounds. The following weight loss apps have the potential to make dieting a hassle free and rewarding process.

iPhone Apps for Serious dieters:


A great place to start, 2Fat is a surprisingly accurate Body Mass Index calculator. With minimal information– sex, weight, height, and waist line– it can determine a user’s percentage of body fat. This app is completely free, at least for those who don’t mind the ads, but for a low price of 99¢ users can upgrade to the advertising-free version.

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Lose It!

Lose It! is not an average calorie counter. It provides people with the ability to effortlessly track calorie consumption and expenditure. Additionally, it provides users with charts that show exactly how they’re progressing toward their weight loss goals, and it even gives the option to share progress online with friends and family, which can provide that much needed motivation to keep dieters focused on success. Best of all, Lose It! is completely free.

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Diet journals are a part of many diet plans because they allow us to actually see what we habitually put into our bodies. Edibles transforms an iphone into a streamlined diet journal that will allow users to scrap the pen and paper method. It comes complete with timesaving features like a custom database of favorite foods to eliminate the need to reenter food names, and also an online database of 500,000 foods, which makes it possible to fill in a journal without typing names at all. What’s more, Edibles works with most any diet program including the Atkins diet, or WeightWatchers. They may soon make it work with Medifast and Nutrisystem diets as well. Edibles costs $5.99, which is a small price to pay for such a handy diet app.

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Calorie Tracker

An alternative diet journal, Calorie Tracker was developed by to help readers reach their weight loss goals. Containing features like calorie tracking, weight tracking, and even calorie expenditure, this app is well worth the $2.99 price. Perhaps most notable is the fact that Calorie Tracker gives users access to’s huge database (625,000 items!) of food and fitness entries, which makes tracking calories easier than ever.

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Fast Food Calorie Counter

The perfect app for dieters who can’t stay away from their favorite fast food joint. Fast Food Calorie Counter provides nutrition facts for each dish on the menu, which makes it much easier to choose the healthiest option to delight one’s taste buds. Of course, the biggest benefit of this app might be that users will likely eat less fast food once they realize what’s in it, and this will certainly help with weight loss. Although not free, the 99¢ price is less than that of the average fountain drink.

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At the end of the day, weight loss and weight maintenance take effort and dedication. However, the process can be a lot easier, and a whole lot more enjoyable, with the addition of some of these thoughtful diet apps. For those who have struggled with their weight and been unable to complete a diet plan, iPhone apps might be just the ticket.

The novelty and sophistication of these apps not only make weight loss more exciting, but they also increase efficiency. And if weight loss were more efficient and fun, isn’t it likely dieters would have an easier time reaching their goals?

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