5 Free iPhone Applications for FIFA World Cup 2010

If you are FIFA World Cup fan then I am sure you would be waiting eagerly for the match but what if you can’t watch the match? It might be because no TV available for lots of pending work. Whatever may be the reason, you don’t need to be upset because there are few free applications to keep you updated for FIFA World Cup 2010, right from your iPhone.

Here is the list of 5 free iPhone applications for FIFA World Cup:


ESPN FIFA World Cup gives you live tournament stats and tables with full tournament schedules. It allows you to select your team and show your support. The best part is that you can share your teams, comments, feedback via Twitter, Facebook and Emails. With iPhone you can use this application for iPod Touch.


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South Africa Tracker

South Africa Tracker application provides you all the information about the matches. It also sets the match time according to your Time Zone so that you won’t miss any match because of time confusions. It is available for iPhone and iPod touch.

South Tracker

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Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

Sky Sports Live Football Score provides you peerless of every match. Its feature includes live scores, commentary, match stats, pictures. It also offers player profiles and updated news.

Score Live Center

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AP 2010 World Cup Coverage

With AP 2010 World Cup Coverage you can enjoy a feature-rich multimedia experience with enabled video, match schedules, live scores. It also includes star player profiles, pictures and video information. With multi-language support you can choose any language like English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


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World Football Live! (iFootball)

iFootball offers you to browse offline, you can read all the news even when there is no EDGE or 3G available. Apart from this you can share the links of articles through emails to your friends. It brings all the latest news about matches from BBC sports, Yahoo, Euro Sports and ESPN.

World Football

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These all are best and free applications which will keep you updated with each and every details of FIFA World Cup 2010. So, download them and enjoy all the matches without any interruptions.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these iPhone apps for FIFA World Cup fans like me!

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