5 best Android Camera Applications

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Nowadays everybody wants to share his/her beautiful moments with their friends and relatives. Hence, the mobile camera has played a very important role in it. Now, together with Android power you can configure your camera for the ultimate use. This article presents you with the 5 good camera based Android applications that can make wonders with your photos.

1:  Vignette Android app:

This App brings you tons of possible effects for your photos and gives them a look of professional-like pictures. It provides you with 62 effects or 21 frames that make your images pop. Snap an image, express your artistic view with the cool effect bound inside the application. You can also import your gallery images to play with.

Vignette App

Price: $4.05

2: Action Snap Android app:

This app brings the interesting lomographic imaging come alive. You can choose to shoot 4 snaps on one image to give it a grid or a sequential arrangement and fill it with Lomo or sepia filters for better effect. You can get the advantage of lomo and many more effects for your single image or arrangement of photos with no effects. Action Snap is great tool considered for capturing action shot.

Action Snap

Price: Free

3: BioWalletsignature Android app:

Secure your sensitive information (like your account information, passwords) in your phone with the password being your handwritten signature. This innovative app makes biometric authentication technology come to your phone. You can only access your data by signing on the device screen. The information is encrypted with military grade security (AES 256 bits) and can only be decrypted using your handwritten signature.

Bio Wallet

Price:  Free

4: Qikcam Android app:

This app won’t let you miss any of the wonderful moment, because of delay in launching the camera application. With this awesome widget you can choose to take a picture instantly. You just select the widget and the picture is taken. No need to wait for launch of application. Also you can share your snaps with your friends, share it online. You get two separate widgets for video and photo.


Price: Free

5: Ip webcam Android app:

Installing Ip Webcam makes your Android phone a wireless camera connected to your network. You can stream your phone’s camera feed over its Wi-Fi connection for remote viewing. All you need to do is configure your settings (set your image quality, credentials), it will then provide you with a URL, load it up in a web browser or a client that accepts streaming video (VLC). This app is compatible with PC’s running Windows, Mac or Linux. You can also avail video chat support through your phone camera.

Ip webcam

Price: Free

What all camera apps do you use for your Android device? Do let us know.

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  • Raj September 13, 2011, 9:39 pm

    Goods Apps, I have used Vignette Camera App earlier.. this one is really awesome..