5 Useful Applications for Android Powered Phones

Android is a great mobile operating system and it is very famous for its great applications too. Android consists of a lot of awesome apps. In this post I will share 5 of the useful Android apps which you should definitely try if you have an Android mobile phone. So, lets begin.

Barcode Scanner

This application turns the camera of your android phone into a barcode scanner. Using this applications you can scan any UPC code to search about it on the web. You can even scan the UPC code(which is printed on the product) of a product and you will get a lot of info about that too, like whats the price of that item on the web, etc. This is a great and a very useful application. This app works amazingly fast. See the video below to see how it is used.

This application is free which makes it more better than ever. Click the link below to download it.

Google Goggles

This app is from the biggest search engine and the creator of Android, Google. Using this app, you will be able to use images to search the web. You can take a picture of a text in some other language and Google Goggles will let you translate that text easily. You can take a picture of a landmark and Google Goggles will tell you all info about it. You can take a picture of a book and Google Goggles will let you find the price of the book or more info about it. There is a lot more to do with this app. See the video below for more.

This application is free of cost and is not only available for Android but also for iPhone(OS 4.0 required). Click the link below to download it.


Photoshop Mobile

Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the best photo editors in the world. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the best photo editor on your mobile? This applications fulfills that wish of yours. Even though it doesn’t has a lot of features like its desktop version, it can be said as the best photo editor for Android. To say a little features of this app, we have – simple crops, brightness adjustments and sharpens. See the video below for more.


This application is free of cost and is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. Click the link below to download it.


Astrid is a short form for Android’s Simple Task Recording Dashboard. It is an application for creating to-do lists. It helps you to remember your important tasks. One great thing is that you can also set reminders so that it will ring some tune to make you remember that you have to do some work at that time. It also offers some cool lines(Lets get this one done) which can motivate you to do the work. See the video below for more.


This application is free of cost. Click the link below to download it.

Droid Analytics

This app would be a must for the bloggers who use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most famous and best site for statistics of your website. For some reasons, Google has not released an official app for Google Analytics but this app completes the need of it. It is designed with Google Analytics API. It firstly asks for your login details for Google Analytics and simply starts working and shows the analytics of your website. See the video below for more.


This application has a free trial version and a full version of $1.38 (the site shows €0.99 which is equivalent to $1.38 or Rs. 62). Click the link below to download it.

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Those were the 5 android applications which you should definitely download. Which one of the above did you like the most and which one will you download? Do comment.

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