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5 Android Applications for FIFA World Cup 2010

5 Android Applications for FIFA World Cup 2010

Recently I shared with you 5 iPhone applications for FIFA World Cup 2010 but I don’t want to disappoint our readers who prefer to use Android. Thus I selected 5 applications for android which will keep you updated about all the information related to FIFA World Cup 2010.

Fifa World Cup 2010 App

Fifa WorldCup 2010 App will provide you live score updates and keep you updated with all news from official FIFA’s website. You will also get schedule of all matches thus no chance of missing any of the match. It also gives you the profiles of all 32 teams with relevant news.


[ Download Link ]

World Cup Droid

This is most popular application among Android users. You can check out real time scores and group listings. It also provides you the details of venue, tine and also use Google maps to keep you inform where are games will be played. As soon as you will select the map point, you will get all detailed information of venue.

world droid

[ Download Link ]

2010 World Cup

2010 World Cup application provides you the countdown and a very neat and detailed calendar which specifies featured flags to let you know who is going to play and on which day. Whenever you want to know the details about any day, you just need to click on day and application will provide you all information about game and venue.

2010 World cup

[ Download Link ]

World Cupinion

This application is for the android users who don’t prefer just to watch the game, they love to know the opinions and share the opinions. World Cupinion is an application for FIFA World2010 which lets you enjoy the reactions of fans of events during match. You can also share your opinions with other fans and enjoy the match to fullest.


[ Download Link ]

WorldCup Essentials

As the name suggests WorldCup Essentials it provides you all important information of FIFA World Cup 2010. Right from the beginning that is countdown of opening concert to the finals it will keep you updated. It also provides you current as well as history of all the teams. It is a must have application for all hardcore fans of FIFA.


[ Download Link ]

You might also interested in checking out few more Android apps:

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You can download all or one application out of these five, it totally depends what exactly you are looking forward in FIFA World Cup 2010.

If you are using any other useful applications to check out FIFA World Cup 2010 for Android, do share with us.

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