3D Compass+: Augmented Reality Based Navigation for Android

Having problems in finding directions on your Android stock GPS app, then its time to switch-over to a new kind of navigation, Augmented reality Navigation. A new navigation app for Android platform has hit the Marketplace named as 3D Compass.

3D Compass+ a.k.a AR Compass

3D Compass

This app is a must-to-have thing if you own an Android smartphone, it is a highly interactive yet useful navigation app with numerous customization options. What’s unique about this app is that it offers a customizable augmented reality based view that eventually allow users to locate their desired destination without ever stealing the gaze from their handsets. With an arsenal of features like map info, screen freeze, calibration of map, multitude of 3D compasses and a detailed on-screen navigation.

3D Compass+ Features

Virtual View

Now traveling will become way easier with 3D Compass+ sought after features displaying futuristic on-screen navigation. With an on-screen map, navigation-based real-time info and address tracing the route becomes way better then what you would have experienced in the previous navigation apps.

The application supports dual-pane viewing that supports both portrait and landscape orientation alongwith the option to enable or disable the maps. The app also supports manual rotation of the virtual compass that lets you specify the distance of your destination.

Currently, 3D Compass+ supports two layers, namely Traffic and Satellite. With GPS enabled on your phone you can set the application to display moving speed and true north.

On the whole, 3D Compass+ is an ideal partner for your travel as it will ensure that you don’t get astray while searching for your destination. 3D Compass+(AR Compass) is available as a free download on Android Marketplace and it requires Android 2.2 or any higher version.

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