360 Browser for iPhone Released by Digital Poke

360 Browser for iPhone Released by Digital Poke

For those really fond of the very capable Safari browser on your iPhone, here’s something that’s even better. Digital Poke has released a new app 360 Browser which makes browsing experience on iPhone even better. The features that we loved the most were full screen browsing and ability to mimic desktop browsers.

The 360 Browser is an app which allows the user to surf the web intelligently in a highly user adaptive environment on the iPhone platform. Built on a powerful framework, the app is highly capable of executing functions that simplify user interactions and perform them faster and in an uncluttered environment.


The 360 Browser feature list is rich and spells efficiency all throughout. Some of them being:

Intelligent Tabs – Insert tabs wherever you wish, and not at the end of existing tabs. Also, every tab can be assigned custom settings like orientation or privacy.

360 Arcs – Allow you to execute browser features on the go. This comes to great use while browsing in the fullscreen mode. I really loved the minimal UI.

Open Source Plug-ins – These plugins can be submitted by other users as well to increase the browser’s capabilities.

A rich full screen experience – Did you not always wish you had this feature in Safari?

Mimic Desktop Browsers – You can mimic Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome or even IE to get the same experience as your desktop computer.

Agreed, that the Mobile Safari was a revolution in itself. It was magical to be able to browse almost every website on the planet with so much ease on the first iPhone back in 2007. However, advanced users have always sought more. 360 Browser serves the appetite of such users just right. For example, we never could browse through the source of a web page in Safari or bookmark all open tabs at once. You name a feature and Digital Poke has got you covered. You will be enthralled to try it at the very least.

This is the first app by Digital Poke and personally I think it’s outstanding for version alpha for any application. They aim at redefining user experience for the good. Quoting the Digital Poke Team,

Digital Poke aims at providing Quality Apps that redefine the user experience. They intend to simplify but also enrich the user’s interaction with their products and live up to their expectations. At Digital Poke, they say,” It’s not About Us, It’s About You.”


We really loved the app and found it mighty useful. Very soon we might even be ready to let go of Safari. We really recommend it to anyone who browses often on the iPhone. Go ahead and try it out for yourself. It’s available on the App Store for a price of $0.99. At this price it’s one hell of a tool for any iPhone or iPod Touch user.

Let us know how you like this app. Tell us one feature that you most love and why you would want this application and we might be able to get you a free promo code. Check out Digital Poke’s Blog for some really helpful iPhone App Development tips.

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