3 Incredibly useful Google Chrome Tab Management Extensions

If you happen to be a multi-tasker, then you must be conversant with working your way through multiple of browser tabs during your internet using sessions. Google Chrome by default gives its users an optimum tab management, but there are various tab management extensions available on the internet that further enhance the capability of Chrome browser. I have shortlined some very useful and innovative Google Chrome tab management extensions that will definitely facilitate you in your multi-tasking thing.

Google Chrome Tab Management Extensions:

Session Manager

Session manager Extension (2)

Sometimes managing scores of tabs simultaneously becomes quite a hassle, especially in the scenario in which you have to close your browser without doing the work on all the tabs. Session Manager is a Google Chrome extension that solves this problem by automatically saving the browsers last state and then it lets you open the closed session at any later instant.


This particular Google Chrome extension is a contextual navigator for tabs that pop-ups whenever you click on its icon that sits just besides the bookmark icon. Instead of cramming all the tabs TabJump extension automatically streamlines the tabs in three distinct columns that is Undo, Jump and Related.

Related option lists tabs that are open from the very site you are using and the Jump tab lists all other open tabs. I think it’s a very effective Google Chrome extension that packs maximum amount of information in a very small space.


TooManyTabs Extension

Sometimes excessive tabs are very problematic because they very much overshadow the ability of Google Chrome to display the tabs in a somewhat meaningful way. TooManyTabs is a very useful tab management extension that provides a very seamless thumbnail preview of all the tabs that are open. Moreover, it also has a built-in search field that can enable you to find out quickly in all the open tabs.

You can also download TooManyTabs extension for Firefox browser as well.

Do let us know if you use any of the above or other Google Chrome tab management extensions.

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