3 Free iPhone Word Games for Scrabble Fans

If you own an iPhone or any other iOS device then you can proudly imagine “there’s an app for that” for mostly everything. This is one luxury not yet available to owners of devices from other platforms like Android or Symbian. Today, we are sharing three free iPhone word games that all scrabble lovers are going to enjoy.

If you are confused among the iPhone Scrabble games available in the App Store, then you have come to the right place. Read on to learn the pros and cons of the most popular iPhone Scrabble games that we recently played and enjoyed.

The official Scrabble game from Electronic Arts(EA) is priced at $2.99. Sadly, it does not have a free version that you can try before purchasing and until the latest update it did not have online multiplayer feature thus making it only half as exciting.

Advantages of Online Multiplayer iPhone Scrabble Games:

The best thing I like about online multiplayer scrabble games is that you don’t have to immediately play your turn. You can be playing multiple games with more than one opponent and return to it whenever you get time. Resume game during a break or while traveling. The games stay as is waiting for your turn.

Now let’s take a look at our favorite games.

1. Words With Friends Free

Top free iphone word games for scrabble fans 7

Here’s a fun, fast and free Scrabble game that you are really going to like. You will have to create an account when you first play. You can play against the computer or go online and play against your friend or a random opponent. The latest update also brings ability to add Facebook friends and pull names and profile pics.

The layout of the board is slightly different than traditional Scrabble. As you will notice, the bonus tiles are placed differently. The game does include an inbuilt chat feature for chatting with your opponent during gameplay. The game takes full advantage of iPhone’s push notification and will alert you when it’s your turn even when the app is not running. You can play upto 20 games simultaneously.

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The downside of this app is that it does not show you your word’s score before playing. I hate to manually compare the score of two words that I can form from my deck of characters.

Here’s the App Store link for Words with Friends Free.

If you are using the free version of the app, you will see an ad between every turn. It might seem irritating at first, but you will get used to it. If you really like the game, you can buy an ad free version for $2.99 for iPhone in the App Store. The iPad version is also priced at $2.99.

2. AbbleDabble Free

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Consider AbbleDabble as Words With Friends taken to the next level. In fact this is the game whose adfree version I finally went on to purchase.

Abble Dabble includes realtime spell checking. So, when you are forming a word you don’t have to wait to hit the play button to find out if the word is acceptable. You also get to see live score total for the words you are forming.

An interesting twist that Abble Dabble lets you add to the game is moving bonus tiles. You can either play on a normal Scrabble board or go for one of the dynamic boards where the bonus tiles move after every turn. So, you might gain access to the bonus tiles again in the next move and also prevent your opponent from planning much ahead.

Top free iphone word games for scrabble fans 3Top free iphone word games for scrabble fans 4

Other features like in game chat are also included just like Words With Friends. Here’s the App Store link for Abble Dabble Free. You can also play upto 25 games simultaneously.

With an extra host of features and one third the price of its rivals this game is definitely a keeper. The ad free version is priced at $0.99 for iPhone and Abble Dabble HD for iPad too can be purchased for $0.99.

3. Squabble

Top free iphone word games for scrabble fans 9

This is a brand new game, released last week. We tried Squabble on the first day itself and were instantly impressed. In fact, check Squabble’s App Store listing for a reference to how much we liked it.

Squabble is nothing like Scrabble but all fans of word games will love it. It’s a two player online multiplayer game where you have to build as long a word as you can using the characters provided. You have to do this before the timer runs out. The person with higher score at the end of several rounds, wins.

Top free iphone word games for scrabble fans 6

The game includes Facebook Connect to invite friends and also pull their names and profile pictures. Use dictionary to check definitions of new words after the end of the game. There’s a limited but useful ability to chat with opponent in between rounds.

Top free iphone word games for scrabble fans 1

The game is free and there are no ads. You just need connects to play more games. For a limited time, the developers have made game recharges very fast so that you can “Squabble endlessly”. Read more about this game in our previous post.

You must try this free game on your iPhone. App Store link.

So readers, which word game do you like playing the most on your iPhone?

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