3 Best And Accurate Website Visitors Tracking Tools

Blogging seems incomplete if we do not install an easy tool to check and analyze traffic. A traffic stats checker helps us to find the website position and ranking in search engines and we can track our website visitors and their source of entrance. If we find sudden decrease in traffic then we can take a quick action to fix possible problems regarding sudden traffic drop. Here we are telling you about 3 best website visitors tracking tools.


1.Google Analytics


Undoubtedly and without any controversy Google Analytics is the best and most amazing tool to track everything related to your website visitors. We should be thankful to Google as it is providing the best traffic checker service without any cost because most of other good website stats checker tools are not fully free and have limitations for free accounts. But Google analytics has no limit for free user and everything is free here. With Google Analytics you can analyze visitors deeply. You can check traffic based on time,traffic source,geography,keywords and more. You can exclude your own visits to refine your traffic report.




Sitemeter is the second most popular and effective website traffic checker tool. It provides comprehensive report regarding website visitors. It is easy to access Sitemeter in comparison with Google Analytics. You can also make your traffic report public and thus anyone can check your website traffic. It is useful in attracting advertisers if you are getting high volume of visitors. You can check traffic according to traffic source,search words,geo locations such as continents and countries. You can exclude your own IP to make your traffic report more accurate.




Histats is much identical to Sitemeter in functionality but totally different in user interface and its user interface is a little bit confusing. The main attraction of Histats is that it shows search traffic based on search phrases thus it is easy to find your website popular keywords. This function is similar to Google Analytics. Histats covers all features those Sitemeter have such as IP exclusion,traffic source tracking,visitors map,browser tracking etc.


These are our recommended website traffic analyzer tools and now do let us know about your favorite traffic checker tool.

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  • Saket Jajodia April 29, 2011, 11:32 pm

    I use 1st and 2nd one.. Never heard of 3rd one have to check that out.. Thanks for the info..

  • Deepanshu April 30, 2011, 7:56 am

    i m using analytics, statcounter and the usual awstats 🙂

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