3 Best Alternatives to the Native Messaging App on Android

I’ve been using Android for almost about a year now. Just like any other Android phone, my phone too came loaded with a suite of stock applications like Gmail, Talk, Messaging, Maps, Places, etc. While most of these apps worked seamlessly on my phone, I really didn’t like the stock messaging app. It lacked many features like password-protection of messages, SMS backup, SMS scheduling, etc.

If you check out the Android Market, you’ll notice that there are many third-party apps available that can replace the stock messaging app on your phone. You don’t really need to remove the original messaging app or go through a lot of hassle to do so. Below is a list of 3 of the best alternatives to the stock messaging app on Android.

1. Go SMS Pro


GO SMS Pro is a really good alternative to your stock messaging app. It seamlessly integrates with the entire interface of your phone and provides you a really good messaging experience. Some of it’s features include SMS backup and restore, pop-up notifications, schedule SMS, security lock, blacklisting, fully customizable UI, folders view, Facebook Chat integration, individual contact customization and much more. It is much faster than the stock messaging app and provides you with loads of customization options.

2. Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is another powerful messaging app for your Android phone. While most of it’s features are similar to Go SMS Pro, it has certain spectacular features such as support for 20+ languages, built-in spell checker, vCard support, and much more. The UI is pretty neat and completely customizable, but due to it’s flashy colours it doesn’t blend well with the rest of the interface.

3. chompSMS


chompSMS is another neat alternative to the native messaging app on Android. It is loaded with features like chat-style bubbles, quick reply, blacklisting, different themes, and much more. However, compared to the above 2 apps, this app cannot send MMS. You will have to use the stock messaging app for sending and receiving MMS.

Now that you know the different alternatives to the native messaging app, how do you completely replace it with a third-party app? Well, replacing the stock messaging app is a very simple process.

1. Install any one of the above listed apps.

2. Open your stock messaging app, go to Settings and disable the Notifications option.

3. Go to the third-party app you installed and enable Notifications in that app.

That’s it! You will now be able to send and receive messages using the third-party messaging app.

The above listed apps are some of the best alternatives to the stock messaging app on Android. Tell us your views about it, via the comments section.

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