September 2011

Facebook and all the people who are involved with the social networking king, will be kicking off the f8 Developer Conference 2011 later this evening. We've heard a lot about this conference, and according to many a reports, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and his team will [...]

Recently I purchased Belkin N150 Modem-router which is one of the best buy at the cost which I purchased. I was using default wireless router with my Airtel connection and it was ok but always had issues with signal strength, when you are at distance.  [...]

A Computer System contains Registry files stored into the database of whatever software that has been installed on the system. It is through the help of registry that all softwares work with the system. But, when ever we uninstall any particular software some or the [...]

We knew this was coming, the new and updated Facebook design/interface that was announced some time ago. It's being rolled out, not to all but some, however, all those who've already got it are complaining about it not being any better and prefer the same [...]

The Android Market is evolving at a rapid rate, and nearing those big numbers of the Apple App Store. The number of Android devices in the market is more than what you can count and it's only increasing. You can use the Android Market to [...]

Last week there were some leaked pictures that showed the WhatsApp messenger running on a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device. And we, obviously, assumed that WhatsApp will soon be releasing a dedicated app for the neglected mobile operating system of Microsoft's. So they did! The [...]

There are many speculation about what all Facebook is going to announce tomorrow at F8 meet. And as we expected, Facebook is launching new profile layout in which they have made decent no. of changes in terms of  placement of elements and most important instead of seeing [...]

Zip2Fix : Recover Corrupt ZIP Files

Modern Generation has changed a lot for all people. Nowadays Gadgets like Computers and Laptops have become useful part of our life. Computers are used mainly to store data as well our personal and professional stuffs so that it can always be with us whenever [...]

I've always found Wallpapers to be refreshing, whether you have put up a physical wallpaper on your room’s wall or you have setup a virtual wallpaper on your computer or smartphone they always tend to express a bit about your mood and yourself. Though digital [...]

Though, this is a News about another update on Facebook, but we will start with Google+. When Google plus was launched, we never knew it's going to bring so many changes in the way we use Social networking site. Facebook has been dominating Social networking [...]