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2 Websites to Watch f8 Developer Conference 2011 Live Online

2 Websites to Watch f8 Developer Conference 2011 Live Online

Facebook and all the people who are involved with the social networking king, will be kicking off the f8 Developer Conference 2011 later this evening. We’ve heard a lot about this conference, and according to many a reports, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and his team will be launching many new and probably useful features and products.

The developer conference happens every year and is attended by all those who love and live Facebook including various developers and common men/women. Facebook recently announced some major changes worldwide, including the Ticker and the new way of News Feeds being shown to a user. There was lot of negative reaction to this sudden change brought upon on Facebook, but according to the guys, these changes are going to be a part of something bigger that is bound to change how we use the social networking website.

If you’re a Facebook geek, but weren’t invited or do not have enough money to pay for the entry, you can still watch the whole f8 developer conference 2011 live online. Yep, that’s right. Like all the major events that were streamed live this year. There are two ways you can watch the whole event live.

Via LiveStream, who have tied up with Facebook to telecast the event live. You can watch the event below when it starts;

Watch live streaming video from f8conference at livestream.com

or you can watch Via the official Facebook Page.  facebook.com/f8 will be streaming the event live online so you can watch it and know what are the new features and products being launched.

So are you going to be watching the conference live? 

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