2 Cydia Apps for SMS Enthusiasts

If you’ve ever used an iPhone, then you’d find that the regular SMS application quite literally sucks. The only thing you can do perfectly is send and receive texts and see who’s it from. There are many features missing from the app such as regular timestamps, the ability to delete single messages than a whole string and few others. So, if you’re a SMS maniac and send at least a million texts every day then you would want to check out SMSEnhancer and SMSHidekeyboard.

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Both these apps require jailbroken iPhones and some really fast text messaging skills, also some cash would come in handy. One of them is a free app and the other isn’t, but you’ll need them both to make the stock SMS experience better.




You may have found yourself looking at a certain text from someone and not able to figure out when you got the text, because the stock SMS app in iPhone doesn’t have regular timestamps. So when you’re in a conversation you don’t get timestamps, just and only the text. SMSEnhancer adds that very thing to the stock iPhone SMS app and for every text you send or receive. That’s not it, it also enables the addition of contact pictures to your contacts and they show up next to the text message. Check out the video demonstration after the break.

You can buy SMSEnhancer from the BigBoss Repo for $0.99. This app requires iOS 4 or later to run and no icon will be added during installation as it is directly added to Settings.


Space is somewhat of an issue if you’re a regular user of the iPhone and to be frank there isn’t much. The keyboard takes up all the space and every time you want to see the chat history, you’ll require to get out of the app and enter the required thread again. So you must have guess what SMSHidekeyboard does, yes it hides the keyboard like in iOS5(iMessage). When you’re not typing it disappears, even the input box is gone, giving you an almost full screen experience. Check out the video after the break from iPhone Download Blog for more details.

You can download this from Cydia for free. To get SMSHidekeyboard add repo to your sources and you should be all set. Here’s another Cydia SMS application that you might like.

So let us know what you think of these apps, small enhancements that should’ve been a part of the standard SMS app, but aren’t.

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