2 Amazing Cross-Platform Music Games For Music Lovers

Well if you happen to be a fan of Activision’s Guitar Hero then you will probably be knowing that after a disappointing performance of the latest version Rockband 3, it is quite evident that this series of band simulator games won’t last long.

Some of the obvious reasons for the declining popularity of these music games are cost, requirement of expensive equipment and also the space taken by the apparatus required for the functioning of these games. But luckily there are few amazing PC games  that doesn’t require all the stuff mentioned above plus these music games are also free of cost. Here are some of completely free music games available for your for PC:


This is an ultimate arcade Dance-Dance Revolution kind of an experience that brings perfect dancing software on your PCs. The engine that powers the game has also been used in some other popular arcade games like Pump It Pro and In the Groove.Stepmania-main-interface

The latest version of the game v 3.9 houses some very cool features including some really cool themes and artworks, plus there are loads of new songs available as well for the game. Users can also use a Dance mat to improve their experience of the game and that Dance mat is available from eBay. The pre-release build of the game “Stepmania 5” also have a support for online multiplayer. You can download Stepmania for Windows, Mac and Linux for free their official website.

More PC Games:

Frets on Fire


Anyone who has played or watch Guitar Hero will find this particular game very familiar and easy to go along. It is by far the best Guitar simulator game for PC with the interface very much similar to Guitar Hero. Users have to hit the colored notes at precise moment by using appropriate designated keyboard buttons alongwith the “Strumming”.


Moreover, if you feel bore in playing a virtual guitar with your PCs keyboard then you will be very delighted to hear that Frets on Fire also allow users to plug-in a dedicated guitar controller. Frets on Fire is available as a free download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux plus users can also engage in discussions, report bugs or even download cool music from their official website.

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