10 New Features in Apple’s iOS 4.2

10 New Features in Apple’s iOS 4.2

Apple’s iOS 4.2 went live yesterday and finally the iPad is on par with the iPhone and iPod Touch. The update brings a good deal of new and enhanced features to the iOS devices but it’s the iPad owners who will rejoice the most. Let’s take a look at what’s new in iOS 4.2.

Here are the iOS 4.2 new Features:

Multitasking on iPad


The iPhone and iPod Touch had this and as Steve Jobs promised in the September event the iPad too gets the magic of multitasking now. Apps run and continue their tasks even in the background now.

iPad’s other new Features

Apart from Multitasking iPad also finally attained these features which only the iPod Touch and iPhone owners had so far:

  • Folders: Icons on iPad get new homes inside folders
  • Game Center: Making games social & ability to play against friends
  • Universal Mail Inbox: All emails in one place.



One of the most awaited features, AirPrint as the name suggests brings wireless printing to iPhone and other iOS Devices. You can directly print using supported printers without the need of any cable or drivers.



AirPlay brings the simplicity of Apple’s iOS to wireless streaming. Now we can wirelessly stream songs, videos and photos to our Apple TV from any iOS Device.

Free Find my iPhone

Apple originally announced this service for only the latest generation iOS but we figured how to make the free service work on any iOS Device running firmware version 4.2.1. For those who are not familiar with Find my iPhone service, its a free service to located lost iPhone. Full post on Find my iPhone here.

The following guide show you how to enable free Find my iPhone service:

Notes gets two more Fonts


I wonder what took Apple to get to this. I was never a fan of the Marker Felt Font and personally like the new Helvetica Font better. There’s one more font called Chalkboard that’s included. The new fonts make readability in Notes much better.

Messages App Gets FaceTime Call Button


Now Facetime calls can originated right from the Messages app on the iPhone. It’s a small but nice change to the existing feature set of this app. We would be even more impressed if we were provided a way to read and reply to SMS without minimising/quiting the current app.

Other FaceTime Enhancements:

  • Support for Bluetooth Accessories
  • Initiate FaceTime from Voice Control

New Tones for Messages


Apple has added 17 new text tones to the existing set of six tones. We still can’t add our own text tones but what we can now do is assign custom text tones to our contacts just like custom ringtones.


Safari Gets Search In Page Feature


This was a much needed tool though we had bookmarklets as temporary workarounds before. Now when you need to search anything on a webpage just go to the Search Box in top right corner and scroll down to see On Page – Search results. Tap on it to cycle through the highlighted search results on the page.


New Brightness & Volume Sliders

I accidentally discovered this feature on the iPhone. We knew that the iPad got Brightness & Volume Sliders in addition to what already existed on iPhone and iPod Touch viz. the Orientation Lock & Playback buttons in fast app switcher but to our suprise even the iPhone got a new volume slider on swiping to the left an extra time.


Let us know how you like the iOS 4.2 new features on your iDevices.

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